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Our take on the Creative Penn Podcast Episode #262: Writing faster and avoiding writer’s block

Our take on the Creative Penn Podcast Episode #262: Writing faster and avoiding writer’s block


Writers are supposed to write. Right? Most usually do and then there are some like me who tend to get the so-called writer’s block where excuses arise as to why one can’t write. Sound familiar? To me it does. Especially the one, “I am too busy” or “I have work to do.” Hmm, yeah right!

So when, being new to podcasts (not to writing or publishing), I saw the podcast dated 4 April 2016 in The Creative Penn iTunes store entitled How to Write Faster and Never get Writer’s Block with Michaelbrent Collings it sparked my curiosity. I immediately thought there must be some fantastic secret to writing that is going to make us all the next Terry Pratchett or Wilbur Smith or Danielle Steele that I just had to know. We all love a quick fix or a way to make money! I thoroughly enjoyed this podcast and will definitely be listening to more. But before I get to Joanna Penn of The Creative’s interview with Michaelbrent, she mentions a couple of other interesting and useful titbits. 


Interesting titbits

In the podcast Joanna chats about the free, the summit on all things indie. Joanna talks about the quality indie authors should be aiming for and the type of experience authors should expect their readers to have. Also, whether indie authors experience a continuing bias against them.

She also mentions that she had ordered and read David Sivers’ first book Anything You Want: 40 Lessons for a New Kind of Entrepreneur. David is the founder of CD Baby and Book Baby. She gives a quote from the book, which I found so inspiring that I sourced the correct wording:

“Just pay close attention to what excites you and what drains you. Pay close attention to when you're being the real you and when you're trying to impress an invisible jury.”

Wow! We all should put this into practice as not only entrepreneurs or writers, in this instance, but as human beings in everyday situations. I am going to put it on my office wall to remind me.

One thing that astounded me was Michaelbrent mentioned that he writes up to eight books a year! Yikes! And I thought Barbara Cartland was a prolific writer!


About the interview

Without giving away too much about what’s in the podcast here are some highlights of the show:

  • How to write faster, better and letting oneself write rubbish.

  • When to know to stop learning about writing and start writing.

  • How watching TV can help you as an author.

  • Trusting your curiosity.

  • The misconception and misnomer about writer’s block – just write even if you think it’s crap.

  • How taking writing too seriously can be dangerous.

  • The advantages of being a prolific writer and how this strategy benefits writers financially.

  • Michaelbrent also talks about screenwriting and whether it is better to adapt an existing book or write a screenplay from scratch.

  • And how to pitch a screenplay in Hollywood.

  • Another important thing he shares is always have a notepad with you to jot down thoughts or ideas.


Enjoy the podcast! Until next time, get excited, be inspired and keep writing!





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