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Open Book Festival - Cape Town 2015

Open Book Festival - Cape Town 2015


The 5th Open Book Festival will be hosted in District Six, Cape Town at the Fugard Theatre.

The event, similar to the recent Kingsmead Bookfair will host an impressive list of local and international talent. Looking at the author line up from their website I see a few names that really make me want to take a road trip to CPT and get away from the bubbling metropolis of Johannesburg. Names like Alex van Tonder, Antjie Krog, Amazon eBook titan Deon Meyer, Gareth Crocker and the controversial PA Zelda la Grange ensure that the programme will have the benefit of years of valuable writing experience.

The list of sponsors and partners of the event also have a long line of notable names. Unfortunately none of the names I could find from the list would bring joy to the life of a self-published author. It would be great if the event would have a sponsor or partner that would give the ordinary author a voice, rather than just names that would be heading the host of rejection slips our self-publishing authors use to line their bins.


The Open Book Festival 2015 – Quick facts

Dates: 9-13 September 2015
Main Location: The Fugard Theatre, Cape Town
Event Website:
Facebook Page:

Downloads: Event Specific Map




I can’t share the event programme just yet, as the website states that this will only be announced somewhere in August, I will update my blog as soon as they share the info. Let me know if you are going to the festival , it might make me catch the train to CPT and come say hi.


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