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Lazy Author Solutions - Converting ePUB to MOBI eBook formats in seconds

Lazy Author Solutions - Converting ePUB to MOBI eBook formats in seconds


This will be a very short and sweet post helping authors who already have an EPUB version of their eBook, create the MOBI version sold on Amazon. This version is one of the quickest, easiest and cheapest methods I have come across to create your MOBI or Kindle eBook. Tell me if you think I am wrong :)

Note: This post will only be useful to authors who are looking to convert ePUB to MOBI. It won’t help you create the ePUB version of your eBook, don’t let me see any comments complaining about this.



How we used to do it.

This method of creating or converting to MOBI eBook format was discovered entirely by accident. Yes, there are already several methods of creating a MOBI eBook file if you have the EPUB eBook ready, here are the most popular methods I know of:


Older method 1:Converting ePUB to MOBI using Calibre.

This method is used by many authors to not only create their initial ePUB eBook but then also convert the eBook into all the different format an author needs. If you have the time, patience and are not a complete noob behind the computer, this method might interest you.

I don’t like using Calibre, mainly as I find the user-interface scary-looking and complex. Oh and I suffer from severe laziness, this method requires too many clicks for my liking.

If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, download Calibre here.

Older method 2:Converting ePUB to MOBI using KindleGen.

This was my method of choice when looking to convert my eBook into a Kindle format. This method, although still not a simple drag and drop, uses a simple command prompt interface. The author opens the KindleGen software in a command prompt window and directs the application to convert the EPUB/HTML/OPF to a MOBI eBook format via text commands.

I think the command prompt might scare some authors off, but if you are old-school like me this seemed a simpler method of creating your MOBI eBook.




Download KindleGen here.

(I really recommend visit the link above. Amazon has some really brilliant tools that it lists on this page, not just the KindleGen app.)


My Eureka moment.

So, this is embarrassing for me…the moment starts off with me reading the README for the KindleGen app. Now before you spill your coffee laughing, this post would not have materialised without me geeking out within the readme file, so laugh away :)

I noticed that within the readme file that KindleGen conversion was listed as an “advanced method” of converting your ePUB eBook into a MOBI version. The basic alternative given, well, that’s that reason for this post. The simple method of converting an ePUB to MOBI eBook is carried out using the software I have been using for months to read my MOBI eBooks from the PC, Amazon Kindle Previewer.

By the way, Amazon Kindle Previewer is a great way to read and review and error-check any MOBI eBook before loading it on Amazon.

Here is the golden text you have read 568 words to reach…using Amazon Kindle Previewer and opening an EPUB/ HTML/ OPF file will automatically convert the title into a MOBI book.

Yes, it’s that simple. Yes, I tried it and cannot recommend this method enough over other methods of conversion. Download the Kindle Previewer tool. (Warning – it’s near 200Mb in size.) Once downloaded and installed, open your ePUB file from the within the software and watch as your Kindle eBook is created.


Step 1

Step1 Converting EPUB to MOBI


Step 2

Step2 Converting EPUB to MOBI


Here is the text from the KindleGen readme that caught my eye:

Creating Kindle ebooks - Basic users (Windows and Mac only):
- Download the Kindle Previewer from
- Once the download is finished, install the Kindle Previewer
- If you need further instruction on how to install Kindle Previewer, please refer
- Once the install is complete, launch Kindle Previewer
- Click on "Open book" link in Kindle Previewer
- Select the EPUB/HTML/OPF to convert to Kindle ebook
- Follow the instructions to convert the book and preview
- The converted ebook with extension ".mobi" can be obtained from the folder Compiled-filename from the same folder as the source HTML/EPUB.


Want to know how to convert ePUB to PDF?


Hope this posts helps. (You owe me a comment below if it did.)



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