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Joanna Penn podcast summary - Paying Facebook to reach new readers

Joanna Penn podcast summary - Paying Facebook to reach new readers


Summarizing the Creative Penn Podcast Episode 272 -  Book Marketing: Facebook Advertising for Authors with Mark Dawson

By now, we all know and use Facebook as a way to connect with friends and family but have you thought about it to advertise your business? Not yet? Well listen to this podcast from 6 June 2016 where Joanna Penn discusses using Facebook advertising with well-known author Mark Dawson.

Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms around with approximately 1 billion users and is fast becoming a good advertising medium and very competitive too so you need to stand out for people to notice you. Whether you create your adverts or create pages or groups for your business is up to you to decide but Mark feels Facebook pages are better because potential clients/customers can interact with your page. Joanna Penn uses Facebook advertising as a major part of her business and only started using it because of Mark Dawson.

During the interview, Joanna and Mark discuss why Facebook Ads are so powerful and give some specific examples as to how to use them no matter where you are in your author career.

The intro

Joanna mentions the latest Author Earnings report that reviews the number of Indies making a living from their book sales at Amazon. She goes through her own data from one year of book sales, including the split per vendor, format, genre and country of sale.

Joanna also says to check out the Self-Publishing Success Summit if you are writing non-fiction or you are an entrepreneurial fiction author (or would like to be either!).

The interview

Mark Dawson is an internationally bestselling thriller author. He wrote the John Milton and Beatrix Rose series. He shares his vast knowledge with authors at and has a fantastic course on Facebook Advertising for Authors, which looks well worth the money. The next course will be open for enrollment late 2016.

You can listen to the interview above or on iTunes or watch the video here.

Mark chats about how many books he has written and how he went from a good seller to a very good seller just by advertising on Facebook


Summarizing the points that Mark and Joanna discuss:

  • The marketing advantages of having several books in a series.

  • Mark’s shift from exclusivity to cross-platform distribution. Going from exclusively Amazon to Kobo, Apple, Barnes and Noble.

  • Balancing attraction marketing (when you pull people in with a free book or sample) and interruption marketing (where you pay for the advertising)

  • Why Facebook ads are powerful, even for those on a budget. In the beginning start with low budget ads.

  • The two strategies to use with Facebook advertising, depending on where you are in your author career.

  • Mark’s advice on the return of investment for ads.

  • Mark’s results on ads for audiobooks.

  • Why video is so important on Facebook right now.

  • Mark’s advice about video ads.

  • Common mistakes from authors jumping into the Facebook advertising space.


I hope you enjoy the interview and learn a lot from it as I did. Until next time, get excited, be inspired and keep writing!



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