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I'm writing a book

I'm writing a book


I have no idea what I am doing blogging about this.

This might be bad for business, seeing as how I help authors for a living but I have never actually written my own book. Sure I blog, is that the same thing? So - back to the reason for this post, I am writing my first book. More accurately I have already started. According the date stamp on the manuscript file the writing actually started on July the 10th and it has gone a lot slower that I thought it would.

I think by sharing my writing with you it will help me commit to a deadline for this manuscript, so please do check on me to make sure that I am not getting distracted by....oh


Here are the stats of where the book draft stands - 30 pages, 8203 words.

writing snapshot


I am very nervous about sharing my journey, but I figure maybe it ill help a few aspiring authors beat down their inner resistance and get started on their work. I will try sharing the important bits of the journey and leave a breadcrumb trail to resources I think would help you guys.

The manuscript will be a shorter read and this is deliberate. I really don't want to prattle on to fill someone's idea of an quota for a book. I want the guide to be short and concise with the core being resources easily found, understood and linked. This is how I would like to read it, so I am not writing for anyone else but me. I am my own ideal reader.

The reason I am happily releasing a shorter read is that a large reason for me writing is increasing my authority. I think that wearing the badge of "Published Author" does not carry the sub-title of "..but it was a short book".

I also have an understanding of Amazon (I will be publishing my eBook on Amazon). I understand the the consumption of eBooks by Amazon customers is changing. Readers are getting lazier and shorter content does not carry the stigma it did in print. Amazon readers actually appreciate shorter content, as long as it is not branded otherwise and carries an appropriate price-tag.


Where I am

I have to say that after 30 pages, I have what I consider the roughest of drafts. I never intended this to be a full length book, but rather a guide. I realized some time back that there was real value in writing and releasing shorter content, Amazon does not care that my eBook might be 30 pages long. Amazon will care about the readers, what do the readers care about?

  1. Quality Appearance

  2. Quality writing

  3. Quality resources, easily understood and linked.


Quality Appearance

To take care of the appearance I will make sure that I hire professional cover designers. I have already started researching bestselling cover ideas out of Amazon and hope to duplicate their cover designs.


Quality Writing

Regarding the quality of my writing, this is where I am struggling. My inner perfectionist screaming every time I read through the manuscript. I notice words missing, misplaced or just a better way to say something. The project is already taking longer than expected at over a month (for a short guide...) I really want to just hand this over to the editor I already have in mind but also have to heed my own advice on saving editing costs!

So today was spent re-writing chunks of text, I think editing my first rough draft is going to take longer than expected...


Quality Resources

I have made sure that the content of the book is well laid out in way that is easily digested by the reader. I have linked wherever possible to content that has helped me and I think would be of value to the reader - This is something cool that authors focusing on printed books cant do :)


The next step?

I want a Foreword written by a notable person in  the related industry of the book topic. I happen to have just such a friend. I plan to ambush him and ask for a Foreword for my manuscript that summarizes the topic and then I hope he will lend some authority to my writing as well as me as the author. Fingers crossed.




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