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How To Make a Free 3D Cover Image of Your Book.

How To Make a Free 3D Cover Image of Your Book.


Looking to create a great-looking 3D cover image to help promote you and your latest book? Save yourself the time and money of having to hire someone to create this 3D cover image by spending just a few minutes watching our latest YouTube tutorial that will walk you through the process step-by-step.



Why would you want a 3D image of your Book?

  1. As part of an attractive email signature.
  2. As part of posts on your social media platforms like Facebook.
  3. As part of author book-banners.
  4. As images directly on your author-website



What you will need


3D Book Template example  +     Pixlr image editor    +    GIMP image editor


1. 3D Book template image.

No prior software experience is needed to create the 3D image, this easy-to-understand online tutorial will walk you through each step of the process. Here is a free 3D Book Template you will need once you are ready to start your creating your 3D cover image.


* Update June 29th 2016

We have added a new template to the tutorial! Looking for the 3D affect for your spiral-bound book? Follow the whole tutorial however use this great free 3D spiral-bound template instead! If you need other templates, please let me know via comments section?

Spiral bound 3D Book Template 2


2. Free platform to create the simple 3D Book Image - Pixlr 

This tutorial does not rely on Adobe Photoshop at all, and instead uses the free online image editor, to create the basic 3D image.


3. To tweak the 3D book image - GIMP 

I then use the free image-editing software called GIMP to touch up the image. (Download GIMP Here.) Please note, this step is entirely optional and will just polish the 3D cover-image further.



 YouTube not your thing?


How to create the 3D Cover image.


Step 1 

  1. Download the 3D book image template file from this link
    1. Open up the template image in Pixlr (Open image from Computer option)

 (Have the high-res image file of your Book cover ready.)


create 3D book image 1


Step 2

 (In Pixlr)


Select: Layer - Open image as layer.

Then browse your PC and select and open the book cover image in Pixlr.


Select:Edit - Free Distort.

Drag the corners of the book cover image to match the four corners of the 3D book template. When prompted if you want to save the update, click yes.


Select:  File - Save

Save the image to your computer as a PNG file with an appropriate name For example: 3D-Book-Image-MyBookName.png


(Advice: You might want to adjust the 3D image dimensions before saving the file, this is done through the following menu: Image - Canvas Size)


create 3D book image 2



Congrats - You now have a professional-looking 3D image of your book cover!


3D Book Image MyBookName


I have deliberately left out the steps to tweak the image through GIMP. If you are more of a geek, please view the YouTube video demonstrating how to remove the background of the 3D image at the beginning of the article.


If you find this tutorial useful, please let me know, I would love to hear your feedback.


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