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How to create a custom email signature in Microsoft Outlook (and why you should!)

How to create a custom email signature in Microsoft Outlook (and why you should!)


A warm welcome to our tutorial, the goal dear adventuring reader is an email signature. Not just any email signature but one that will make the email-recipient cry tears of joy as your design washes over their eyeballs. 


Dave email signature


Let’s get your first question out of the way, why do you care about a damn email signature?

Here are five reasons why you should care about the endings of your emails:

  1. An email signature is free advertising for you or your brand.
    1. Insert your latest products, books and events within the signature-space to entice the customer click.

  2. Your email signature conveys professionalism.
    1. A poorly designed signature makes me think of bad things. If you are a person who doesn’t care how your customer perceives you, this post is not for you.

  3. An email signature provides ample space to embed affiliate links.
    1. A really cool way to earn extra money, don’t just insert an image of your latest book on Amazon. Sign up for Amazon associates and tag the same 3D book image with your affiliate code to earn some pocket money.

  4. The email signature can convey important information or links.
    1. Changed office location, or have a new product and need to raise awareness?

  5. Perfect for the lazy customer to find you.
    1. Hyperlinking images means that the lazy recipient can be guided to visit pages of your choice, this could be your business blog or Facebook group or a signup to an email list.

Convinced yet? 




Ok, so I need to be entirely honest, this tutorial is based in Microsoft Outlook (365). This means that if you don’t have Outlook installed you might not see the same buttons I do. Don’t be put-off too easily, many email programs (known as email clients) follow similar principles, so users of Thunderbird and other email clients could still learn a few things.

Is there not an easier way!?

If you avoid all things technical this article might not be as helpful as it should be, but not to worry! To help those people who think that an Apple should still be eaten, I present two online email signature builders that I have used on countless occasions.

A word of warning, as payment for a decent email-signature-in-seconds these platforms will try hard to get the blood of your first born. Ok, well maybe just your email address, but this is just as painful…




Here is an example of the result from the Newoldstamp email signature creator:


email signature builder free


These online email signature builders often want to include links referring people back to them, so I am not a fan. 

Ready to get your hands dirty? Roll up your sleeves and let’s see what you will need before starting to design your custom email signature.


Your Font.

Before embarking on our exciting email signature project my first stop was popping into FontSquirrel to pick my ideal font. FontSquirrel is a great place to find free fonts for any occasion. I downloaded a few options but eventually settled on a great looking hand-written effect of Harabara Hand.

harabara hand font

Download your favorite font from FontSquirrel and install it on your system. (This is important otherwise the font won’t appear in Outlook as an option!)

(Click here to download the Harabara Hand font here.)


font install


Social Icons

The next step was finding sexy social icons. These are a great way to guide the readers of my email to visit my populated profiles, a great way to connect for little effort.

After some furious Googling, I settled on the free Icon-set created by Robert Ozolins found here. For those lazy readers (this would be me) I have already downloaded the  social icons and you can download the free social icons directly here.


 social icons


Any other images.

In my tutorial I wanted to use my own portrait to help my customer understand who was helping them. You could include a great 3D image of your book (if you were an author) here too. Use your imagination, you can really use any image here, the same principles will still apply.


Bridget Lotz


PS – Got this really cool Avatar made on


Right, so you have:

  1. Picked your favourite font (downloaded and installed it, if needed),

  2. Downloaded the social icons set.

  3. You have any extra image/s ready.


Lets go!


Step by step guide to create a great-looking email signature.


Step 1: Open Outlook (Sorry, I had to put this here.)

Step 2: Create a new (blank) email.


create a blank email in outlook


Step 3: Insert your main image, this was my portrait for example.

  1. Resize image as desired, 

  2. Wrap text as “square”, this so that your name appears alongside the image and not above or under it.
  3. Apply your preferred effect to the main image, removing any shadows from the image.


wrap the text around the image


 apply an effect to your main image


remove the shadow from your email signature image


Step 4: Add your name, in your preferred font and preferred size. (This should appear alongside the image as you have set the text to wrap square earlier.)


add your name to the email signature


Step 5: Insert social icons one at a time and resize each as needed, insert space between each icon as desired. The social icons I used were huge and some rapid-resizing was needed.


insert social icons into your email signature


Step 6: Select your entire design and copy the images, text and icons.

  1. Create a new signature.

  2. Give the signature a name.

  3. Paste your design into the blank canvas.


Create a new email signature


Important! I noticed after copying my email signature from the blank email into a new signature canvas that my main image (the portrait) did not appear in the signature canvas. I ssw however that after saving and testing the signature that it is really there. I am not sure why Outlook might not display the image correctly. Just remember, even though you don’t see it, it is there!


image missing


Step 7: Hyperlink images or social icons.

Select each social icon then select the hyperlink button. Copy and paste the relevant address into the field.


hyperlink your social icons


Step 8: Save email signature and test it out. Adjust the size of the font and images as needed. Well done, you made it! How does your email signature look?


 complete Bridget Lotz email signature


If you are having issues where your fancy font is not visible by the person receiving your email (it defaults to a standard font for example), consider just taking a print-screen and using an image of your name rather than actual font.


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