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How to convert ePUB to PDF

How to convert ePUB to PDF

Looking to convert your ePUB eBook file into the equivalent Adobe PDF version?

No problem, here is a quick and easy (did I mention free?) tutorial demonstrating how to convert your ePUB eBook files into a PDF format and best of all, it completely avoids using the complex and cumbersome eBook editing-software such as Calibre or Sigil.



Step 1

Download and install the latest version of Adobe Digital Editions. (Currently on version 4.03)
Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) is a very quick and easy to use software (free) meant primarily to read your eBooks (ePUB only).

Here is the link to download and install Adobe Digital Editions

Here is the short YouTube video I made helping you install the ADE software.


Adobe Digital Editions


Step 2

Download and install virtual PDF printer software.
This is the same way that you have created (printed) PDF files from Word documents many years ago. I recommend using the free software, CutePDF, as I have been using it safely for some time.

Download CutePDF here.


Install CutePDF


Step 3

Open your ePUB eBook within the Adobe Digital Editions software that you have just installed.


Step 4

From the ADE toolbar, select “File” then “Print”.
Selecting the CutePDF writer, print your eBook to PDF, saving the output PDF file to the desired location. The "conversion" process might take some time depending on your eBook page count.




Step 5 

You have converted the eBook to PDF – Well done!




This method of converting ePUB eBook to the  PDF file type works best on eBooks that are mostly text, where the formatting is fairly simple and straight-forward.

I hope this tutorial helped you, if it did, please let me know by sharing your feedback in the comments section below.





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