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How applying for a Payoneer card will help you send and receive funds globally.

How applying for a Payoneer card will help you send and receive funds globally.


Looking to receive funds from around world into a single US-based account? Read on.


What is Payoneer?

Using Payoneer, a cloud-based service you are able to send and receive funds globally. The platform is seen as an alternative Paypal service and is accepted in certain places that Paypal is not (Amazon). Money from your Payoneer account can be transferred into your local bank account. Perfect!

What I really like about Payoneer is that it empowers entrepreneurs from developing countries, allowing them to transact with the rest of the world.

Apply for a Payoneer account online here.


How I use Payoneer

I first found out about the Payoneer platform last year at a local gathering of authors. As an author publishing eBooks on the Amazon KDP platform and living on the African continent, our only option to receive our eBook royalties is via posted cheque. 

Collecting our book royalty-cheques via post is frustrating to authors for a few reasons;

  1. Our postal service does not work.
  2. We are charged large fees to cash a cheque.
  3. Currency conversion fees from our local bank are exorbitant.


Using my US bank account details issued by Payoneer, Amazon now pays me more often, with less fees and no lost cheques!

(I have also used my Payoneer account to collect money from the Amazon Affiliates program)


How to apply for your Payoneer card

The online application process for my Payoneer MasterCard was a fairly painless process. I did need to apply for the Payoneer card twice, as our local post office seemed to lose the first one. However the folks at Payoneer were kind enough to post the card a second time which I received.

Apply for a Payoneer account online here.


What then?

After applying and receiving my Payoneer Card I needed to activate the card online, once again a fairly simple process. I was then required to submit some paperwork online which included a copy of my ID and proof of where I expected the incoming funds to be paid from. I simply sent them a link to my eBook sales page on Amazon and this was accepted without question.


Payoneer fees

Information highlighting the fees for using the Payoneer platform does seem a bit hard to find online, I am not sure if this is deliberate or not. The fee applicable to all Payoneer members will be the yearly $29.95 charge. This yearly-fee was deducted from my account in full as soon as I had received my first eBook royalty payment from Amazon.

There are obviously fees for swiping your Payoneer Mastercard at the ATM as well as per transaction fees to receive payments. The per transaction fees for Payoneer seems to depend on who exactly is paying you the money, called the “funding source”. I cannot see this exact transaction fee from my account due to what must be a system fault.


payoneer funding sources


The small fees charged for having and transacting through a Payoneer account have definitely been worthwhile as I am now able to receive payments directly from Amazon.

Here is a screen-grab I took I took of the Payoneer fees table, which I could only find when logged into my account. (Once again it was buried within my account under numerous clicks.)


Payoneer Fees


This next bit is especially for authors wanting to use Payoneer to collect their book royalties directly:


How to load Payoneer account details onto Amazon KDP.

This process assumes that you have completed all the steps above and have already activated your Payoneer account.


Step 1

Log on to your Payoneer Account, your home screen should look something like this:


payoneer home screen


Step 2

  1. Select the US Payment Service menu button to view your Payoneer account details.
  2. Copy the account details from the part of the screen shown below.


Payoneer account details


Step 3

  1. Navigate to your Amazon KDP account screen by logging to via
  2. Access your bank account details on Amazon KDP by accessing the account section as seen below.


payoneer KDP Account


Paste your Payoneer account details into the appropriate section titled “Your Royalty Payments” found half-way down the screen. Make sure you enter US as your bank location.

Select “Done” when happy and save your changes.


Payoneer account Amazon


Step 4

No more steps, you have successfully saved your new Payoneer account details within Amazon KDP platform, give yourself a pat on the back!


Apply for a Payoneer account online here.


You might be soon receiving outstanding royalties, so make sure to keep track of your royalty payments from the reporting section on Amazon.


Have been using Payoneer to receive funds? How do you find the process?

Please share your thought with us via the comments section.





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