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Copyright Considerations for Self-Published Authors - Make Sure your Books Font is Actually Free

Copyright Considerations for Self-Published Authors - Make Sure your Books Font is Actually Free

A common concern for an author self-publishing revolves around copyright law, or, what they are (or are not) allowed to publish without permission. 

Special Mention:
The latest eBook technology comes in the form of the
ePub3 or enhanced eBook format, this format supports the embedding of video and sound snippets within the manuscript.
Be aware that you will need to have the relevant permissions for the multimedia you might use in your interactive eBook!

This article will focus on the the use of fonts in your manuscript.

Most authors will write manuscripts in a word processor such as MS Word or Adobe In Design.
The assumption that because you purchased the MS Word package you have the right to use all the fonts for commercial pursuits is not correct.

Read the official stance of Microsoft on the use of fonts for commercial uses here.

I recommend that the author writing the manuscript be aware of the various font types they might use and if they have the appropriate rights. Whilst the use of the standard MS Word fonts for commercial purposes is largely vague it does not actually matter that much as readers will generally be selecting the desired font type directly from their Kindle or iPad. The use of license-free fonts becomes more important when creating enhanced eBooks such as a cookbook or children's story book where the author is inclined to use a non-standard font type.

I recommend that authors creating content based around a more visual theme make use of the free font types from a resource like Font Squirrel. Font Squirrel is well-known resource for providing great-looking fonts that are fully-licensed for commercial uses, free of charge!

Authors downloading free fonts from a this location should just know how to install and embed the font into their word processor program.

For those authors looking for more detailed information on securing permissions for your written content here is a great article on copyright by blogger Jane Friedman.

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