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Age of the Authorpreneur



By Paula Gruben


An authorpreneur is an author – traditionally or self-published – who adapts the savvy ways of an entrepreneur in order to build a business and grow multiple revenue streams around their book. In this guest post, Dave has asked me to share with you guys how I’ve managed to build a business around my debut novel Umbilicus, which I self-published in 2016.

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The 30 year journey of my dad - Behind the birth of the MYeBook self-publishing business



This is the summarised story of my dad’s publishing journey. I know how important your time is and I promise it will be worth the read. I wanted to share my dad’s story on our blog for a few reasons, not all of them selfish. First, the obvious. My dad is an amazing man and a great father who I love and respect. Second, his journey and frustrations with the traditional publishing system is what inspired me to start a business that empowers authors. Without my dad having experienced first-hand the inner workings of an archaic publishing model I would never have been inspired to provide an alternative.

Have a read. If you have an inspirational story of your own to share – Let us know – We would love to share your publishing journey.

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3 Great Reasons To Create An Effective AuthorCentral Page on Amazon

3 Great Reasons To Create An Effective AuthorCentral Page on Amazon


Finishing a book is often a labor of love, a bucket list item, for many writers.

Marketing the book? Not so much.

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