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How to apply for an ISBN number from Zimbabwe and other African countries


Africa is a magical continent. From majestic sunsets through to that wild animal that somehow wondered into your backyard. Simply put, we have a different way of life from the rest of the world. For authors, nowhere is this difference more apparent than when you are wondering how the hell you can get your hands on an ISBN number for your new paperback. This article sheds light on how to obtain an elusive ISBN when you live within the African continent.

My friends and fellow self-publishing authors from the US and UK are laughing at as right now. For those living within Trump’s America or the United Kingdom some distance away, applying for their golden ISBN digits is only a few mouse-clicks away. For those British or American authors who might disagree, lets have a quick recap.

The First-world ISBN application process

Applying for an ISBN number for a US author – Bowker Identifier Services. ($125 for one ISBN)

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Dear Author

Dear Author


Dear Author, I am not sure what is happening with you here.

I have called you a few times and emailed you a few times more but you are not giving me any response.

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Ghost in the machine: What does a ghost writer actually do?

Ghost in the machine: What does a ghost writer actually do?


Almost everyone wants to write a book someday. Most people just don’t do it.

There are many reasons for the lack of follow-through; one of them is time. This is especially pertinent for executives, celebrities or motivational speakers who really should have a book out there to support their work, but just don’t have the time to put one together. Another reason is that writing scares the hell out of some people. We’re all born differently with unique talents and for some, writing just isn’t it. That’s not to say there isn’t a story to be told. Then there’s good old writer’s block (a blog on writer’s block is coming soon, so watch out for that).

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