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Author Michelle Geldenhuys


About the author - Michelle Geldenhuys

I am 35 years old as I type this and I have been working on this manuscript since 2013. It has changed more times than I can actually count. I hope to make writing my full time profession and have already started working on my second book and have ideas for my third and fourth. One thing I have discovered through all of this is that I am healer and that is my purpose in this life. To heal through words.

If you are interested in joining me on this fascinating journey called life by sharing ideas and stories, please feel free to join my Facebook group called Spirit Quest.

About the book - Evolution of a battered mind: A true story of depression, addiction, sexuality and spiritual awakening


Michelle Geldenhuys - Evolution of a battered mind


Reading this book may cause you to question your reality, question your comforts, question your addictions, question life.

This multi-faceted autobiography dives deep into the authors experiences of depression, addiction, coming to terms with her sexuality and subsequently her emergence into spiritual awakening. The mind can be our worst enemy. Our inner demons torment and control us. This is a real, raw and uncensored journey to the depths of the soul, where darkness is embraced, and where healing begins.

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