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About the author - Nick Goss

Nick Goss trained as a ranger (INTEC/FGASA NQF2/Ecotraining), and as an isangoma and inyanga for around three years on the Wild Coast (Eastern Cape) and near Boston (KwaZulu-Natal Midlands), South Africa.

About the book - The Sands of Time


3D Cover Image Nicholas Goss - The Sands of Time


For over two million years humankind hunted and gathered. Then, somewhat inexplicably, humans began to farm. The Neolithic (New Stone Age) or Agricultural Revolution, innocent as it may have seemed at first, simultaneously ushered in the Holocene or Sixth Mass-Extinction, the Class War and the Rape of Nature. Cities, kings and armies burgeoned, along with the raids and internecine warfare that arose from within a newly imposed context of scarcity and abundance. Piecing together the evidence, Goss observes that we seem to have been stuck in a 10 000 year-long ‘Neolithic Cycle’ of environmental despoliation, wealth disparity and violent reprisal. The ‘King-of-the-Castle’ or ‘Master-Slave’ looped program of history and urban prehistory led to recurring cycles of monotony, war, disease, pestilence and famine.

Without the insinuation of a utopian Paleolithic (Old Stone Age) Goss believes the Neolithic may have acted as a kind of ‘patient zero’ for many of our modern social concerns. There may just be a causal mechanism behind human intra-specific competition, or ‘war and peace’. ‘Peace’ may remain elusive as long as we maintain agriculturally based civilization.

Goss also re-examines the work of renowned ethno-botanist Terence McKenna and his ‘Stoned Ape Theory’, suggesting an alternative ‘culpable’ psychoactive mushroom, and reviews the prehistoric Green or Wet Sahara and its impact on the Neolithic Revolution.

In response to the ‘code red’ ecological and social crisis at hand, Goss suggests that we couple our more portable, renewable energy-based ‘eco-tech’ to the archaic skills and architecture of our ancestors - in application of the only relatively benign ‘exit-strategy’ we have - in order to avoid a dystopic, post-apocalyptic future.

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