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Author Michelle Nkamankeng


About the author - Michelle Nkamankeng

Michelle Nkamankeng is a little sweet girl who is a seven-year-old South African citizen. Michelle is a grade two learner. She started reading at a tender age of 4. At her current age of 7, she can read big books and loves to read. She started writing at a tender age of 5. At the age of 6 she had written 2 books – Waiting For The Waves and The Little Girl Who Believes In Herself. She is currently working on her fourth book.

Michelle is a caring, passionate and smart young girl who never lets anyone get in her way. She got her idea of writing this book after an adventure she had with her family at a beach resort. Besides her excellent academic performance at school and her book writing hobby, she also does ballet, gymnastics, netball, swimming and music. She loves helping others especially those who are less privileged than her. She currently belongs to a kids’ charity group called Missionary Children Association (MCA) which is very involved in charitable work in her local community in Johannesburg, South Africa.

She always follows her dreams.

About the book - Waiting For The Waves

3D Cover Image Michelle Nkamankeng

One of the world's top 10 youngest author, Michelle Nkamankeng, teams up with one of the best illustrators, Megan Venter, to produce an epic tale of a child's adventure at the beach. In her adventure at the beach, 7-year-old Michelle tells a fascinating tale that underscores the law of polarity of both love and fear - her love for the big waves coupled with her fear of this giant force of nature.

The inner struggle of love and fear drove Michelle to seek the support of her uncle & family. Ultimately the love of her uncle & family helped her conquer her fear of the big waves. This story highlights the contradictions of emotions: ultimately, by freeing oneself from fear, you give yourself permission to truly experience the beauty of nature.

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