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About the GCIS

Government Communication and Information System (GCIS) as the custodian of government communication has developed a series on the South African media landscape that focuses on current trends, debates and discussions. Media experts inside and outside of government contribute chapters to this series and present a range of views across a range of topics.


About the book - Media Landscape 2014: Celebrating 20 Years of South Africa’s Media

3D Cover Image Media Landscape 2014

Globally media is in a state of flux with digital technologies disrupting traditional ways of doing business, current ownership patterns being challenged, and questions being raised about the degree of diversity within media industries.

Media Landscape 2014 Celebrating 20 Years of South Africa’s media is the second in a series that tackles how the media environment in the country has evolved since democracy in 1994.  This book reflects on both industry and public initiatives and asks the question: are media policies and principles being adhered to and what can be done to build a media industry that benefits all citizens.

This book introduces you to:

  • The changing ownership patterns within the print and broadcast media.

  • Debates on media development and diversity and how far we have come in achieving this.

  • New journalism and the role of social media within the newsroom.

  • Media policy challenges and solutions.

This book provides an excellent insight into the current issues that have emerged in the South African media environment. We encourage journalists and media scholars to read this book.


Our Digital Workshop

We delivered an exciting three day workshop to the various stake-holders at the Department of Communications in Pretoria.

Over three days we covered various topics on creating, publishing and marketing written material digitally.

  1. Day1: Typesetting for digital,

  2. Day2: eBook Publishing,

  3. Day3: Marketing using digital platforms.


SA GCIS MyeBook Digital Workshop 1


SA GCIS MyeBook Digital Workshop 2


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