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Author Dolf Scheepers


About the author - Dolf Scheepers

“Throughout the centuries there were men who took first steps down new roads armed with nothing but their own vision” - Ayn Rand

Dolf served in the former South African Defense Force as a Lieutenant Colonel and moved to the private sector in 1995 following a highly successful career in the military.

Over the years he advanced from pure operational security management, in various industry sectors, and gained experience in business management. This lead to his appointment in 1995 by the former Gray Security (hereafter referred to as “Gray Security”, and subsequently, four years later, in 1999, he was promoted to the position of Managing Director in the former Gray Security.

With the acquisition of Gray Security by Securicor, he then served in the United Kingdom as a Senior Risk Auditor responsible for heading up a newly established risk audit section for Securicor (UK). He also managed various specialist functions of investigations, business intelligence, integrity assessments/pro filing, electronic security solutions, risk assessments and quality assurance. This experience influenced the decision to make a transitional move and promotion to that of Head of Consultancy for Securicor Africa.

This position resulted in the appointment of Dolf becoming General Manager for Securicor Gray in 2004. In the same year he was promoted to Operations Executive within the group. After a ten year commitment to Gray Security / Securicor, Dolf moved over to Protea Security as the newly appointed Business Development Manager. Within a year, this lead to his first promotion in Protea Security to that of Business Development Director.

In October 2005, Dolf accepted the challenge of being appointed in the position of Managing Director for Thorburn and, through his passion and dedication, has built highly effective and successful teams, earned great respect (both from his employees, competitors and clients), and ultimately built a robust company that prides itself on service excellence.

About the book - Lions Leading Lions: Creating Winning Tactics for Leaders


Dolf Sheepers - Lions Leading Lions: Creating Winning Tactics for Leaders


A first of its kind.

This is a compelling and powerful leadership guide that will get you thinking about leadership in an entirely new way. To give you an idea of what you’ll find in this thought-provoking book, here is a quote from the author:

“Find the strength within yourself, find the conviction to become the best you can be, and in doing so you will encounter the magnitude of your purpose, you will hear the roar, and you will find the courage of the lion”.

This book was written as a practical guide to help leaders navigate their way through the sometimes complex world of winning the heart and minds of those that they serve: their teams.


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