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 author Bruce Prins


About the author: Bruce Prins

Bruce Prins is a dynamic and creative individual that has worked within the telecommunications, retail, fashion, education, manufacturing, entertainment and hospitality industries.

Hailing from South Africa, he obtained a MBA from Oxford Brookes University in 2004. He has additional certifications as an Occupational development, Training and Education Practitioner and numerous IT qualifications. He is a member of the MENSA high-IQ society.

Bruce obtained the majority of his 23 years’ experience by working for the French international hotel group, Accor, between 1998 and 2012. Initially as a Hotel Manager, he went on to become an Operations Project Manager in charge of IT, Projects, Quality, Training, Human Resources and Sustainable Development for Sub-Saharan Africa. The region included hotels in the luxury, mid-scale and budget range within the Accor Group.

For the last few years he has been based in Nigeria, working with hotels owned and or developed by Moorhouse Properties Limited and is responsible for various properties in various roles.

As a problem solver and an innovator, he uses a multitude of skills and aptitudes to approach challenges and objectives to achieve that, which is needed. His transference skills make it easy for him to assimilate a multitude of disciplines, when required. He merges that which is academic and traditional with that which is pragmatic and innovative.


About the book: Insights and Tips for Owning or Managing a Hotel: Hospitality


Insights and Tips for Owning or Managing a Hotel: Hospitality by Bruce Prins


Simple tips and advice on how to manage your hotel better.

This book lets you see the basics from what the hospitality industry is about up and until aspects that makes a hotel work. It has a lot of ideas on how to
manage your staff better and improve their performance. It also contains specific things to consider when working on improving customer service, which always starts from within the hotel itself.


About the book: Understand and Manage a Customer Service Culture


 3D Cover Bruce Prins


There are countless publications on customer service and in most cases it is to improve the revenues of a business or ensure customer retention. However, this book focuses on how to understand and manage a customer service culture within a business or organisation.

It is full of content, insights and recommendations that have proven to be practical and useful over the years. It covers aspects such as defining what an internal and external customer is; how to manage the communication and regulation of internal and external customers and; in applying various best practices, develop a cohesive customer service culture within a business.


About the book: Hannah: My daughter, my teacher, my inspiration

Hannah-Rose is a special needs little girl that suffers from Autism, Epilepsy and Cerebral Palsy. This is her story. But, more than that, it is my own journey with her, as her father, from the day she was born, up and until today.

It is also about a brave little person, who has taught me valuable lessons and has made me a better person for it. It is my sincerest wish that people who are either in a similar situation or know of someone who is, will better understand, draw inspiration from or simply feel kindred towards us, as her parents, on what it means to have a special little person in our life.


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