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author Xolani Matshikwe


About the author - Xolani Matshikwe

Xolani Matshikwe (AKA Xolani The Poet) was born in Mdantsane – a big township next to East London in the Eastern Cape. For most of his young life, he was raised by his late grandmother, who he always praises for instilling good discipline in his life. This is Xolani’s first mind-blowing poetry book and it is a narration of his spiritual lessons from his life experience.


About the book - This Marvellous Jar: From the deepest wells of my soul


This Marvellous Jar: From the deepest wells of my soul by Xolani Matshikwe


One cannot contradict the fact that there must be a very powerful force (or the spirit of God) beyond the life we are living, which directs all the other forces of nature. But again, it is the actions we take today - in response to the impetus of this great force - that shape our tomorrow’s realities.

Forgetting to learn from this great force is like forgetting to mix yeast with flour and expect the dough to rise the following day. Like rain that comes to nourish the soil, I hope and pray that this book will be good yeast to all the souls of those who read it.


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