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Author Errol Dengler


About the author - Errol Dengler

Errol consults in both the legal and commercial domain and is involved with major mining resource and processing groups. He was initially involved internationally in groundbreaking work in the anti-piracy campaign and  involved with all the major international film distribution networks in combating the scourge of piracy, later serving as a member of The Copyright Tribunal in South Africa. He was Legal Advisor to the SABC during the introduction of commercial television in South Africa, before becoming the Group Legal Advisor to the Ster-Kinekor distribution network of companies.

Errol became the head of the legal department and a Director of Rand Films with a 50% stake in the Company. He has been Co-Producer of Rand Film productions and has a wealth of practical and creative experience. He continues to be involved in commercial, legal and theological endeavors, as well as being a published author of academic articles and novels. He has served as a Trustee on both Diocesan and Provincial Boards and represents clients both locally and internationally. He farms and writes in the Cradle of Humankind and consults in Sandton. His practical, academic abilities and know how will undoubtedly add to the enhancement of GFE.


About the books


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The Turin Conundrum

It is possible that the person of the Shroud could step into our world today?

One of the Church's most holy relics is under attack again - this time not from academics and critics - but from the deranged mind of a disaffected business executive and his associates. They stop at nothing to achieve their purposes of cloning tissue from the Shroud of Turin. A sting within a sting ensures that the mystery of the Shroud continues unabated. An imaginative and ingeniously crafted plot by a brand new story teller.


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All That Glitters

A stark and imaginative story of greed, manipulation and deceit, about conflict gold and the rampant exploitation of the war torn peoples of Central Africa. Set against the backdrop of ruthless exploitation by various Liberation Movements for the acquisition and control of precious metals. The plot weaves the intrigue of an industry prepared to pay lip service to the control of an age old problem of wealth, tainted by blood, as it looks the other way.

This is the second novel by a new and imaginative author, imbued with the desire to share the generosity and tragedy of life in a riveting and thrilling drama. It is a plot filled with pathos, power and plight from cover to cover, taking the reader through a time-warp of past and present, in realizing that ‘all that not gold!’


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