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About the author - Carmen Granger

Carmen is a creative person at heart and an avant adventurer. She was a co-director of the Concept Group and founder of Creative Publishing. A serial entrepreneur, she launched SABC’s TV Talk magazine, SA’s first programme guide, with a print run of more than 1.7-million copies per month, making it SA’s largest selling consumer magazine. Carmen also directed the highly successful Shell Road to Fame music talent competition in the early 1990s and is active in various womens’ entrepreneur organisations. She is a shareholder of several businesses. She oversees the project operations of Traction, an SMME business consultancy, is also MD of Bla Bla Bla Studios, a fast-growing global creative on-line game animation studio and actively involved in Molecule Software, a software development organization developing bespoke software solutions for small to large corporates. She loves empowering young and talented people by creating opportunities for them to realise their dreams. Her passion for children and love for creative design and writing inspired her to write Gnor and the Scroll of Qhasar. Carmen is a mother of two children and lives in Cape Town. 


About the book - Gnor and the Scroll of Qhasar



Gnor and the Scroll of Qhasar is a story of self discovery and spiritual awakening. Travel the world with Gnor and his friends in a roller coaster adventure . This is a unique battle between light and dark, good and evil.

Gnor is born during a violent electric storm. His appearance is startling . . . as are his amazing special powers. His parents try and give him a normal childhood but his powers make this impossible. When he turns eleven he is visited by Danlia, a member of the mysterious Tannos tribe. She tells him his life is in danger and he must leave immediately for her village in the mountains. The evil Kraggan, ruler of Orzt, is intent on possessing the Scroll of Qhasar – a secret formula of seven substances. The formula is the only way to recharge the power hub that maintains a vital protective shield around Qhasar, protecting it against Kraggan.

Earth is the only planet in Qhasar that has the seven exotic substances needed for the formula. In order to protect the scroll from Kraggan, the Aztari broke it into seven pieces – each in the form of a substance - and hid them in carefully chosen sites on Earth’s continents. Now Gnor holds the future of Earth in his hands. As the last living Aztar he is the only one that can make sense of the formula. With the help of the Master of Light, his “shadow animal” and the ancient indigenous tribes of each continent, Gnor must find the seven substances and return the Scroll of Qhasar to the Golden Temple.

The journey is dangerous and exciting, a kaleidoscope of amazing characters, mysteries and ancient rituals that span the earth and keep the reader engaged. From a vulnerable young boy who searches for comfort and security from others, Gnor becomes strong and confident. His passage from childhood to manhood is not an easy transition. He finds love along the way and learns to accept change.


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