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author Peter Joyce


About the author - Peter Joyce

 Mostly African – Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa (Cape Town). I helped start Reader’s Digest book’s division at the Cape before deciding that big corporations were not for me and chose an independent career (or the illusion of such). I resigned to become a freelance writer and produced 70-80 titles for various publishers but largely for what is now Random House Penguin in CT.  Output has included biography (Ian Smith, Rhodesian PM), children’s fiction, politics, home improvement, economics, sport, reference (inc an encyclopaedia) but mainly travel and history, which is my degree subject. I came to England about a year ago.


About the book - The Boys of War 


author peter joyce


The Boys of War reflect on the tales of their youth and the wars they fought when they meet.

This intriguing wartime romance from author Peter Joyce blends an exquisite balance of seriousness with occasional comedy to keep the reader captivated. The Boys of War include Luke 'Pisspot' Philips, Albert Kennedy and Charlie Bronstein, three young men raised in the 1930s who went on to fight in - and survive - their own wars. Their own stories interweave at times during the war, but at the end, during peacetime, they return to the loves of their lives, and meet up to share their stories.

If you enjoy romance and the drama involved in wartime novels, this book is for you. The author has an incredible skill for creating believable, familiar characters, and blending together inspiring tales to create a true page-turner. A master of storytelling, across cultural and generational boundaries, Peter Joyce does not hesitate to challenge existing social taboos to bring authenticity to his characters and the timeline of the story.

The Boys of War is a story about love of course, but also friendship, the survival of integrity in war, resilience, and redemption. As with any good wartime drama or romance, there’s tragedy too, and plenty of it, especially in Luke’s case...

Escape to an earlier time with the Boys of War. Order your copy right now.



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