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About the Lunga

Lunga is a peak performance coach, speaker, community activist, sports writer, entrepreneur and an author. He holds a national diploma in Sports management from Durban University of Technogy and a certificate in Sport Psychology from UNISA. His hard work and never give up attitude has opened many doors for him. Today at 25 years of age Lunga is a member of the Advisory Board at the DUT Sport management Department. Furthermore he also holds a soccer instructors qualification from YDF.


About the Book

Love vs Sport

I have seen many people with a dream of becoming a professional athlete one day. Unfortunately, the majority of them didn’t succeed - including me. When I was growing up I believed that only talent was required to make it to the top but, as time went by, I realized that there is more to it than talent. Sports ederations, organisations and clubs have spent fortunes trying to groom athletes; where are those athletes today? Some of them had the greatest talent and where have they all gone?

In relationships too, people commit themselves only to find out that their partner is cheating. People spend years married and, all of a sudden, they divorce - what goes wrong? In this book I will give some answers to these questions and show what can we learn from relationships and love that might benefit us as athletes, and what we can learn from sports that can help us in our relationships.

One of the analogies that I will be using in this book will show you how love and sport have much in common, yet are both complex. For example, you can never succeed in sports without love, yet sport may separate you from your loved one. That’s the basis of the war between the two.



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