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Author Jacqueline Francis


About the author - Jacqueline Francis

Number cruncher by day, raging romance novelist by night; Jacqueline's creative inspiration stems from romance and all its literary and rom-com depictions. She resides in sunny South Africa with her husband and energetic daughter. Matters of the heart are what fascinates this fiery Aries scribe, because ultimately, what makes a life out of - what would ordinarily be a typical existence - is Love


About the book – The Journal


Jacky Francis 3D Cover Edit 1


“Will you love me for the rest of my life?”

   “No…I’ll love you for the rest of mine.”

Best friends falling in love seems like the makings of a happy ending - or not?

Advertising execs, Rodriqua Phillips and Adrian Hawk have been good friends for three years, when their easy relationship turns passionate and things become complicated.

As a young boy, Adrian lost his mother in a tragic car accident, and seeing how his father's soul also died along with the love of his life, Adrian vowed to never let another woman close enough to his own heart. He keeps a journal with all his conquests and one-night stands and shares snippets of the stories with Rodriqua, who affectionately likens him to a Hawk. She finally breaks down some of his defences, but will he let her in, or will he always try to distance himself?

When a moment of madness ends their short-lived romance, Rodriqua moves away and starts a new life of her own. After years of searching, he finds her and learns something that would irrevocably change both of their lives.
How will the emotionally unavailable Hawk handle the news? Did Rodriqua make the right decision to share it with him? Can they learn to live without one another, again?


About the book – Wanting to Remember, Trying to Forget


author Jacqueline francis


Women want the hot guy, right? They want rock hard abs and ripped biceps. Women don’t want the skinny dork. No. The skinny dork gets shoved to the back seat. The skinny dork gets stuck in the friend-zone.

And that’s where Max had been trapped for six years. The woman of his dreams is right in front of him yet still beyond his reach. Why? Because Danny is in love with someone else, the hot guy with rock hard abs and ripped biceps.

Life sucks! Good guys always finish last. Just when Max is ready to give up, Fate steps in and with the help of two annoying friends, he gets the opportunity he’s been waiting for. The underdog finally has a chance to get the girl. The question is: Is he brave enough to take it?

This is a standalone, full-length contemporary romance for adults only! (18+)


About the Book - Childish Games


Jacky Francis 3D Cover Edit 3


Tyler is the millionaire boss.

Jordan is the insubordinate accountant.

Tyler has no charm.

Jordan has no tact.

Tyler lost his girlfriend.

Jordan lost her brain-to-mouth filter.

So now Tyler is single.

And Jordan is single.

And that’s about the only thing they have in common.

But Tyler doesn’t want to be single. He wants his ex-girlfriend back and getting her back entails the execution of an incredibly childish plan. There is a problem, though. There’s only one way this dumb plan will ever work. He needs another woman. And believe it or not, his pushy, facetious, offensively sarcastic accountant is his best option.

Maybe he should have thought this through…

Warning: Contains an extremely WEIRD male lead. If you’re looking for an office romance with a brutish alpha male, you won’t find it here. Read at your own risk.

This is a full-length, contemporary romance (no cliff hanger). For adults only due to foul language and sexual content.


About the book - Journey to the Unknown 


 3D cover Image Jacky Francis


Dan: Hi there, folks, and thank you for joining us this morning. I’m your host, Dan. (Points thumb to the left) This is Bob.

Bob: (waves at the camera) Hi!

Dan: So, Bob, why don’t you tell our viewers at home what to expect.

Bob: Well, Dan, on the one side we have Jasmintha.

Dan: Ain’t she a doll, Bob?

Bob: She really is. A special kind of something. Jasmintha has led a very sheltered life, sweet and innocent with no real life experience. Wanting to break out of the bubble she was raised in, she decides to drive cross-country to meet her estranged mother who abandoned her at birth.

Dan: Abandonment issues! How cliché.

Bob: Stop being a cynical jerk, Dan. Like I was saying…as fate would have it, she soon meets our boy, Kevin.

Dan: Now, Kevin is on an unsteady path of self-destruction, speeding along on a bullet-train with a one-way ticket to Sh*tsville. He lost his best friend quite tragically and he’s also trekking across the States to fulfill a pact they’d once made. Kevin was a jerk before, but hurt, depression and an aching sense of loss has only made him worse.

Bob: He’s not that bad.

Dan: Ah, Bob (gives a wry smile). I love how you always try to see the good in others, but let’s not kid ourselves. Kevin’s an a**hole!

Bob: (ignores Dan) So here we have these two incompatible strangers traveling long distance together. Tensions are high and fights are plenty. But you know what? Maybe all our boy needs is this girl with a heart so big to help him heal his heart so shattered.

Dan: (shakes head with disappointment) Your corniness never ceases to amaze me.

Bob: Will these two be able to find some common understanding? Can they make peace with their broken pasts? Will love blossom on this heartfelt journey of self-discovery?

Dan: You make me sick, Bob. Physically sick to my stomach. Who’s writing this crap on your teleprompter? My money’s on Kevin to mess up, but that’s just cynical me.

Bob: Two lonely hearts. Two annoying commentators. One amazing road trip!

Dan: Yeah, I’m done with this (stands up). But before I go, I’m just gonna slap on a warning for our viewers at home. For those of you who can only handle cussing and a**holes in moderation, we suggest you skip this one, because it contains a ridiculous amount of both. For the rest of you (winks at the camera), join us for the ride.


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