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About the Publisher - African Publishing Company

Africa Publishing Company publishes and distributes lifestyle-oriented, non-fiction books written by Christian authors that centre on relationships, health, inspirational and spiritual titles. We take special care to produce books that are relevant to the African market, with appealing themes, professional presentation, superb quality, and affordable prices. One of our primary goals is to develop and distribute material written by African authors.


About the Books


111 Tips for Becoming a Successful Student
Author: Conrad S. Zygmont


3D Book 1111 Tips for Becoming a Successful Student 1


Do you want to make the most of your academic experience?

111 Tips for Becoming a Successful Student is packed with useful advice for students who aspire to succeed at university or college. Covering all the facets of student life, it will teach you how to study better, how to manage your campus relationships, and how to reap the full benefits of your academic opportunities. A must-read for all students in every household!


Beyond Temptation - Lessons from the Life of Joseph
Author: Jongimpi D. Papu


3D Book Beyond Temptation 1

“How can I do this great wickedness, and sin against God?”

Joseph is a man who took the danger of temptation seriously. But instead of keeping his focus on temptation, Joseph kept his eyes on God. In the life of Joseph we learn that it is not the presence of consequences, but the presence of God, that motivates true and lasting behaviour.

Contrary to what many believe, Mrs Potiphar’s attempts to seduce him do not represent the first or only time Joseph was tempted to sin. Throughout his life – from the spoilt young boy to the powerful ruler in Egypt – Joseph’s fidelity to God was challenged. Yet Joseph faced each challenge with a steadfastness that has earned him the reputation of being among the “spiritual giants” of the Bible.

In this book, well-known speaker Dr Jongimpi Papu asserts that the successes of Joseph can be replicated if we seek to understand the principles that piloted him. What is the significance of the phrase “The Lord was Joseph”? How is it that Joseph was able to live and rule in Egypt without being corrupted by its vice and extravagance? Why was Joseph willing to forgive his brothers for their betrayal?

Beyond Temptation will help you discover that it is only when we embrace God’s dreams for our lives, as Joseph did, that we move beyond the reach of temptation— into triumph!


Recharge Your marriage - 3 Quick Power Boosts to Revive Your Marriage
Author: Mandla Lupondwana


3D Book Recharge Your marriage 1


Too many couples find that after being married for some time, they are not connecting like they used to. More often than not, it is as a result of neglect— forgetting to ‘recharge’ the relationship—that these difficulties arise.
Recharge Your Marriage offers three quick Power Boosts for your marriage in the areas of conflict resolution, respect, and intimacy.

  • In Power Boost 1: Winning or Being Happy, couples will discover that if they want to be happy, some things are just not worth fighting over.

  • In Power Boost 2: Respect in Marriage, the author speaks to husbands about the misperceptions and unrealistic expectations that men so often have regarding respect in marriage.

  • In Power Boost 3: Atmosphere and Promises, husbands and wives will find gems of wisdom on how to keep the sexual sparks flying in their marriage.

With these three quick top-ups to recharge your marriage, your connection as a couple will be revived and ready to thrive!



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