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Darren August is the Founder and CEO of Dazz Consulting – A dynamic training organisation committed to seeing people thrive and succeed. He is a Corporate Trainer, Motivational Speaker, Life Coach, Entrepreneur, Radio Host & former Lecturer. He is passionate about Life; People and Education and believes in maximizing every opportunity to impact the lives of others.


About the Book


A Teacher Changed My Life.


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This is seriously an exceptionally pertinent and timely work that needs to be read by every single teacher - and every single person who aspires to become a teacher! Not that it only applies to the teaching profession though, since the stories and the lessons herein apply to every single parent and every single guardian as well, considering the vital and priceless information about how to rear whole, emotionally healthy, happy, powerful and confident children, who in turn will become confident, well-rounded and successful adults and members of society.

The role of schools and teachers in particular has such a profound affect in the molding of young minds and personalities alike and is a subject that each and every one of us can relate to on so many levels.

To find a book on the subject that is both entertaining and enlightening at the same time is therefore very refreshing in an age where such a subject is largely ignored, even by parents whose children's lives are thereby so profoundly and directly affected. This is a book that speaks to the hearts and minds of all of us.


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