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About Russel Brownlee


Russel is a transformational coach and author focusing on the healing power of pure Being. A sudden and troubling experience of nondual reality led him to inquire into the nature of the self and the path to joy. He investigated various forms of healing and transformation and found that even the ones that reached most deeply into the inner mind were unable to fully resolve pain and create lasting happiness. He has now found an approach that goes beyond fixing and improving, opening people to the liberating discovery that they are already all that they seek.

His first published book, the novel "Garden of the Plagues", won South Africa's Olive Schreiner literary prize in 2006 and was shortlisted for South Africa's premier literary prize,the Sunday Times Literary Award.


About the book

The Discovery of Causeless Joy: How to be happy no matter what happens


Are you exhausted from the spiritual search?
Are you discouraged by your efforts to think positive and create the life of your dreams?

If so, that’s good news! It means you are standing at the doorway to profound transformation. You see, the way we’ve been taught to measure success - even spiritual success - is fatally flawed. It assumes that if we just keep on working on our issues and overcoming our faults and accessing more and more rarefied states of being we will eventually get to experience the peace and joy we so desire.

But it doesn’t actually work out like that. No matter how much we achieve materially or how long we sit in meditation, it never quite brings us the satisfaction we are looking for. After a few moments of bliss, the petty suffering of our human existence returns. In The Discovery of Causeless Joy, transformational coach Russel Brownlee describes the dilemma of the modern-day mystic - that most of the success teachings and spiritual wisdom that we so earnestly practice is actually taking us further away from our heart’s desire. What we really long for is the deep and causeless joy of our own being. And that can only be found right here, right now, in the midst of life exactly as it is.






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