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About Rhynie Greeff

Rhynie Greeff was born in South Africa but lived in Belgium and Britain for many years. He holds a university doctorate in economics, spent several years as a diplomat in Europe and became an entrepreneur in chemicals, minerals, sports administration and telecommunications. For eight years he was a columnist from Britain for South African newspapers. Random House in South Africa published a book as a collection of his first five years of columns. He touched on the Vronsky story in a previous book but his collaboration with Vronsky on Deception Days now presents the insider perspective and the full story.


About the book

Deception Days


The truth is out. Vronsky, a former East European spy, finally reveals how he discovered a conspiracy of deception in South Africa in 1994.

Does a murder in modern New Orleans relate to Hitler’s birthday in 1944? And the fledgling democracy under new President Mandela? Vronsky’s factual notes highlight professional hunter Rick Land’s quest to avenge the murder of his brother. Despite his brother’s adultery with Rick’s wife. Facing death, danger and duplicity Rick, the hunter, becomes the hunted in Johannesburg, Washington DC, Harper’s Ferry and Brussels. On the way the enigmatic Sonya leads him to the truth.

Is deception always bad? Can it be good? Is love bad when it is just a distortion of the truth?






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