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About Lyn Pickering

The civil war in Lebanon and the invasion by Israel impacted me greatly as I had left Lebanon only a short time before everything began to unravel. My brother and I hitchhiked from London to Beirut in the early '70's and fell instantly in love with the Middle East. Lebanon is an amazing country; dramatic, beautiful, and rich in history. At that time tourism was not at a great height - at least not in the mountain areas where we lived, and the people were warm and hospitable. We stayed in an ancient house that clung to the hillside in a village called Shimlan, below us were silver/green olive groves and, way beyond, Beirut lay like pink coral with one arm reaching out in the Mediterranean Sea.

I left the Middle East behind reluctantly, made a bit of money waitressing in London and traveled back to South Africa by Land Rover as chief cook and bottle-washer with a group of guys. At this stage, I was writing only poetry and a shaky travelogue dictated by the rough terrain.

My first novel was called The Single Leaf, from a poem by the Lebanese writer, Khalil Gibran. I was saddened by the civil war, and this book was drawn out of a deep sense of impotence as I watched from a distance, a land engaged in a death struggle.
This was still the days of typewriters and my final draft, when completed, was sent without making a copy, to publisher in Lebanon. It was never heard of again. I had earlier copies which I buried in a bottom drawer and left there along with my dreams of a writing career.

No writer can be buried forever and I began work on Opus Dei a few years later. Nimrod Twice Born developed in parallel, the two books taking more than 30 years to the point of publication. My understanding of the strange twists and turns of world events was developing as I researched the books and every triumphant "finish" was met with the realisation that there was still more to be revealed. What began as a simple story, in the case of Opus Dei, became something darker and more sinister - a battle of the gods, with only one possible outcome.


About the books

 Opus Dei: Part 1: The Land is a Wound

Another leader is about to arise. A man who will seize Europe and overpower her as a man takes a woman. He will dominate her and she will serve him. The man’s name is War. Pierre Zein, a Lebanese journalist, interviews Hussein ibn Muhammed, an Ayatollah claiming to be the Twelfth Imam of the Shiites and begins a quest to expose the European leader behind the prophecy. His search leads him into danger and to the ultimate realisation that the conspiracy has advanced far beyond the power of human intervention.

The year is 1981 and Lebanon is involved in a bloody civil war. Life in is a daily struggle and Pierre’s work takes him out into the conflict areas on the streets of Beirut. When Danielle, a girlfriend from Pierre’s past, contacts him, romance seems an impossibility. Love, drama and mystery lend this action-packed thriller an intensely human angle.

Well-written, deeply researched, Lyn J Pickering captures the both the richness and the menace of the Middle East.



Nimrod Twice Born: Part 1: The Baptist's Head


The Baptist’s Head interweaves the dramatic events of Israel at the time of Jesus Christ with a World War II conspiracy thriller.
The skills of a Magician, Simon Magus, win him the favour of the wife of Herod Antipas. The magician initiates a conspiracy so intricate and so far-seeing that it will only reach its climax in our time.

Matthias von Ingolstadt leaves the horror of the trenches behind at the close of the World War I and returns to a Germany humiliated by the events that have left the country bankrupt and vulnerable. He meets and falls in love with Anna Lejkin, a Jew. What follows appears to solve their racial differences but ultimately leads to discovery, manipulation and disaster.

A Jew in Frankfurt, Germany, Michael Segal is caught up in the events preceding the war. His friendship with Gabriele have far-reaching consequences for them both. Heinrich Himmler, the future SS leader of the Third Reich, forms a relationship with Ernst Röhm a battle-hardened veteran of WWI who has a penchant for young men. He promises Himmler the one thing he most desires – power.



Betrayal of Fools


Alexander Wesley-Smith, Lex to most, begins writing his book when his daughter Eugenia is harassed by jihadists in a small Spanish village. Raif Ahmadi’s father has moved his family from Syria to Spain to escape the civil war but Raif comes under the influence of local imams and returns to Syria to join ISIS. Amid the raw hatred of the militia, he finds the unexpected – the love of a woman.

In his interaction with Raif’s family, and while researching his novel, Lex stumbles upon evidence that turns the book on its head. Does the opening of the Observation Deck on the 29th May, 2015, in the One World Trade Center, spell the end of democracy in America? Is there a connection between the Georgia Guidestones and the building of a temple in Jerusalem?

Fast-paced, intriguing and staggeringly controversial, Betrayal of Fools is a fast-paced, dramatic exposé of intrigue in high places





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