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About Jacqueline Falcomer

Jacqueline was born at Mariannhill Hospital, Natal South Africa on 31st May, 1957 but grew up between Johannesburg and Durban. Thereafter she lived in the UK and the USA - twice and dreams of returning perhaps one day ...

For the last decade she has lived in a small hilltop house with a splendid view of the sea, in Tuscany, Italy. She travels mainly to visit family and friends and scout out new places likely to feature in future books.

Forget Me Not is located in Mexico, USA, Spain, UK, Morocco and Italy.
The second book in the trilogy of memories, Remember Death is set primarily in Saltzburg, Austria and is scheduled for release in January 2016.


About the eBook

 Forget Me Not

Alex, the storyteller in Forget Me Not unfurls the multi-coloured banner that is his family history. In vivid and rich narration, from his grandfather's bull fighting ranch in Mexico and his father's chiropractic education in Iowa, to his own search for self and the woman he cannot forget, Alex is both guide and lost soul.

Through three generations and across four continents, this tale of yearning, searching, loss and forgiveness grabs the reader on every level and yanks you through turmoil, depravity, tenderness and awakening.

A late-night page turner, this is not a book you will soon forget.






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