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About Bernice Fischer

Bernice grew up reading all sorts of books and believes that the best stories happen in books as they so rarely happen in real life, for they allow you to enter a world of fantasy and imagination needed to survive the reality of today.

Bernice likes to laugh, and hopes that her readers enjoy a good breeze of humor, for her books are written with an impish, yet barely-suppressed humor that peeks out at odd moments. Finding voices for her book's characters is one of the most inspiring events Bernice experiences as a writer. She believes that the magic of dialogue can sweep readers away from their everyday lives, transporting them through time and space to a kingdom she has created.


About the Book


JEFF MADISON and the Shimmers of Drakmere


What if there existed a dark kingdom forged on a web of evil spells, with a conniving king plotting to infiltrate the dreams of children all over the world?

JEFF MADISON fantasy adventure novels for teen and young adult fantasy readers, feature magic, sorcery, dragons, witches and wizards, and suspense. The author, Bernice Fischer, creates a path for the reader to escape with the characters into a world of mythology, where the legendary Sandman and his Sandustians protect the children of Earth. In this series, believable characters, compelling dialogue, tense scenes, and exciting fight scenes are balanced with infectious humor to bring about a true page-turner that captures the reader from the very first page.

JEFF MADISON and the Shimmers of Drakmere is a humorous, action packed fantasy adventure story about a 12-year old boy hero, trapped in the magic world of Drakmere, where he is trying to rescue his little brother, Matt, who was captured and held prisoner by an evil king and his wicked witch in the land of nightmares.

Escape into a fantasy world with Jeff, Rhed, Matt and the rest of the cast now by ordering your copy of Jeff Madison and the Shimmers of Drakmere: A magical fantasy adventure.






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