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"Thank you thank you thank you, you have been amazingly helpful and I will definitely be recommending you to many other aspiring authors in my circles, it was an absolute pleasure to work with you. " - Nkuli Mkhize


About Nkuli Mkhize

Nkuli Mkhize is a wife, a mother of two boys, an entrepreneur and an author. Nkuli’s experiences in corporate spans across several sectors and countries, having held both senior and executive positions in Investment Banking/Development Finance, as well as in Economic Development.

Before joining the Development Bank of Southern Africa in 2006, where she held several positions until her resignation in December 2014, including Business Development and Stakeholder Relations Manager, Senior Investment Officer and Head of Investment Structuring, Nkuli was the Chief Operating Officer at Wesgro, a provincial Economic Development Agency, as well as a diplomat for four years prior to that. She represented her country as an Economic Counselor at the South African Embassy in Tel Aviv, as well as Economic Consul at the South African Consulate General in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Nkuli is now the Executive Director and Founder of the Mteule Group of companies with interests in travel, investment banking, and financial services. She is a fellow of the African Leadership Initiative, alumni of the Bank Seta International Executive Development Program, as well as a member of the Golden Key International Honor Society. She has served as board and executive committee member of organizations like ABSIP (The Association for Black Securities and Investment Professionals) and COPESSA (Community based Prevention and Empowerment in South Africa).

Nkuli holds both an MBA and a Masters degree in Development Finance, and her passion in life is to empower others economically and otherwise, to bring hope and self-belief in those who have lost it that they too can make it in life, and they can make it big.


About the eBook

The Truth About Network Marketing Revealed: How To Achieve Time & Financial Freedom, Ethically & Honestly in 7 Simple Steps

Tired of being in the Rat Race all your life and retiring after 60 years as a rat who can't afford to maintain your lifestyle? Tired of living from hand to mouth? Tired of having no time for yourself or family because you are constantly trading your time for money? If you have answered yes to any of those questions, this book is here to tell you there is a better way.

The business of the 21st Century, the new profession, being joined by doctors, MBAs, CAs, business owners, and other professionals as well as ordinary people all over the world. There is a powerful business model that is giving more and more people time, financial & lifestyle freedom literally on a daily basis. Learn more about it and learn why the likes of Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki, Dr Stephen Covey and others are proponents of this business model. Start living your life the way you were created to live it. Your past or present, does not have to determine your future, unless you allow it!






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