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About the Author

Tracy Gilpin was born in Cape Town, South Africa, a country rife with material for crime writers and a recent past of state-sanctioned violence and personal daring in which truth really was stranger than fiction.

Tracy says, “I have sat in a comfy chair while a man, who a few years before had served jail time as a terrorist, poured tea for me in his parliamentary office. I’ve met a young mother who was a gunrunner, middle-aged couples and newlyweds who ran underground cells from home and plotted sabotage around the kitchen table. One woman looked like everyone’s favourite granny but broke the law regularly and never once caved in under interrogation or in solitary confinement. She also managed to raise several successful, well-adjusted children in the process. Of course I had to write about some of it.”

Tracy’s formal training was in journalism and she has worked mainly in communications. She is the author of a non-fiction book, three novels and dozens of works of short fiction published internationally. Her novels have been published in the UK and Europe.


About the Books


1. Bold-Faced Lie

Dunai Marks’s life is shattered when her mentor, a controversial activist, is murdered in a tragic burglary gone wrong. Or is it? Her gut tells her this death was no accident. So she rushes in where the law fears to tread and in her quest for the truth goes head-to-head with a powerful underground organisation and an intelligence agency that will stop at nothing to destroy it.

She will need to be ready for the showdown when it comes. A deadly secret has been kept for 30 years, impacting dozens of people on two continents. And she must master the harshest lesson of all: to unmask the face of a skilful liar before it’s too late.

Nothing is what it at first appears to be in the world of politics and activism in which the fanatical will stop at nothing to gather support for their cause. Dunai peels back the layers of deception to find secrets that hit dangerously close to home.



2. The Slave Tree

Dunai Marks and Carl Lambrecht search for the missing children of a Sudanese refugee with more than a ticking clock against them. The children’s still pending refugee status means there are no photographs or fingerprints and no supportive community within which to work. If anything the investigation is impeded by rampant xenophobia within poor South African communities competing for limited resources.

Dunai is set on a collision course with an underground terrorist group and the international intelligence community that will stop at nothing to destroy each other; with the missing children about to become yet another casualty in the ongoing war on terror. Marks and Lambrecht have a case to solve, even if it means turning the tables on both organisations in order to bring two children home and save countless others from a similar fate.

The investigation uncovers a global network that buys and sells human beings. A world in which renegade government officials work alongside organised crime bosses for their share of an industry becoming as profitable as drug trafficking and the illicit weapons trade.



3. Rain of Ashes

Dunai Marks sets out to search for her activist father twenty years after he fled into exile in London. A trail of dead policemen lead her towards the fabled impimpi lists: documents still kept by members of the former regime, records of apartheid spies who operated within the upper echelons of the liberation movement; some who, it is claimed, hold the highest positions in government today.

This is a story about scars that do not heal and places the tortured mind may never leave. It is about one man’s struggle with the repercussions of the most supported freedom struggle in history, and a woman’s determination to find truth for her family, even if she must sift through the ashes of history in Cape Town, London, and the dreaded cells of the Vlakplaas hit squads. Rain of Ashes is about the corruption of the human spirit and its longing to put things to rights.






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