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Theo Mayekiso

Theo can be found in various spaces actively engaged with the people around him. Whether it be in churches, organizations, community structures or public fora ,he pops up everywhere and wherever he surfaces he exudes love, care and empathy. He holds postgraduate degrees in Theology and Community Development. Theo is married and is the father of two.



Being Black: A South African Story That Matters

Being Black eBook 1

This South African story is an invitation to rich conversations that could lead to social transformation and social cohesion in racially polarized world.

The book implicitly acknowledges that many white people have sought to be part of the journey towards racial harmony, but in most cases, it has been done without a paradigm shift on the part of white compatriots. It has been done with very limited understanding of the black world and with many assumptions. Even though the book is about the author’s experiences in the Christian spaces and has contributors who occupy that space, the message for social change and social restitution is universal.

  • This book is not bringing a Christian message per se, it is rather pointing out flaws and shortcomings when religion does not seek to uphold universal principles of love, care and social solidarity.
  • This book is about co creating a future that is devoid of structural racism.
  • It is meant to inspire hope and optimism while acknowledging huge challenges of confronting historical racial injustices.
  • It is meant to point out possible pathways to a culture of UBUNTU.
  • This book has lessons for all races and would hugely benefit anyone who reads it.






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