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Sihle Masukela

Sihle Masukela is a South African lawyer and the founder of a non-profit organisation that provides aid to mothers and newborn babies from indigent communities across South Africa.

Sihle believes that, in order to have the relationships of our dreams, we must commit to working on and investing in our relationships proactively, rather than waiting for issues to creep in. Inspired by this philosophy, and realising that almost three months had passed since her and her husband’s last “date night”, she decided to write The Date Night Journal, as a way to nourish and nurture her own relationship.

Sihle grew up in Alice and now lives with her husband and two children in Johannesburg.



The Date Night Journal


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♥The Date Night Journal is a weekly communication journal for couples. It helps partners plan and find inspiration for “date night”, making sure it is a success.♥

The 52 date night ideas—one for every week of the year — do not need to be executed in sequence. You can take your pick and order them however you choose. Use this book as a guide, and then make your date nights your own.

The Date Night Journal includes:

- 52 date night ideas. These ideas are simple, cost-effective, and creative. They are intended to help you keep the flame of your romance burning.
- Record your love story. As your relationship evolves, celebrate the richness and depth it adds to your love story.
- Plan for date night. Answer three simple questions and set your own rules before each date night, to ensure its success.
- Rate the date. After each date, answer five reflective questions about your experience.
- Reflect on the past week. Answer three reflective questions each week for a more connected relationship.




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