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G.C Lebona

I have always been a seeker of an understanding or knowledge of what I am, who I am and where am I. I have come to find that all those things are one thing.

I have read a lot and searched a lot from religion, spirituality, mathematics and science. What I have found after all that is that the answers were mainly coming from within me, with all I have read assisting in putting in words/concepts/conversation what I have come to learn about what are humans and our reality. However, words are limited in this regard. What is a Human or Reality, this is the question of ages. We have come so far with explaining with logic and science, I have come to realize that you have to accept and include the science with something not yet understood thoroughly to come to a better answer - some type of consciousness 'Magic'.

It is only magic because as Human Beings we have not yet understood it. However, it is also a science that has its precise operations and laws. I believe we have reached an age where we are to break these codes or laws. We already are doing so individually and in numbers, I am very grateful for this. I am more of a person who shares knowledge, wisdom or ideas about what a Human Being is, what our Reality is and how these relate to each other. I am one who considers himself blessed to be able to accept truth that is totally opposite of what our reality may seem to indicate or purport.

I have found so much Love, Peace and Joy is my realizations that it is almost impossible for me not to want to share it with all. It just comes with the territory of realizing that you are Love, and that you love everyone and everything. Hence you want to share what will enable All to enjoy living as Love. This is the reason for my writings, the reason I am now and Author/Speaker.




Realising the God Within: An Intimate Look at Human Existence


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In this new book, author G.C. Lebona introduces the reader to a concept bigger than words; the concept of Self on its own personal path. It is a book about our reality, and who we are in both the physical and spiritual world.

Built on the premise that all existence multiplies through the process of gestation and birth, every living thing originates from the creator, God, who created us all in His image with the vision to enjoy a new experience. The author cleverly draws comparisons that make it much easier to understand the relationships between the physical and spirit world.

This book provides the wisdom and knowledge needed to embrace this period of transition in peace, harmony and with excitement instead of turmoil and fear. However, through a physical rebirth of water and of Spirit, the reader will take a step towards enlightenment, being able to experience more of the beauty from each stage of life.

In this timely, relevant book, the author speaks about the importance of love. Love is the key to raising the right vibrations that are able to bring us to a place of spiritual emancipation.

This book is specially written for readers who:

  • Yearn for a more fulfilling, happy and peaceful life on earth - Want to know how to achieve this
  • Want to understand the reality of sharing a deeper connection to God.
  • Desires for the materialization of Heaven on Earth, the love and appreciation of all life
  • Want to live with peace within

Buy your copy of Realising the God Within today to start your walk on the path to Oneness.





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