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“We have been looking for a while to find someone who really knows e-books and how to format and market them and have been very impressed by David at My-ebook. The quality of service has been outstanding and we would thoroughly recommend his services to anyone else. It is rare to find such a quality service in South Africa anymore” - Mike Cooper


About the Authors


Michael Cooper

Michael Cooper has a very varied past.

He has worked as a missionary, IT specialist, trainer and project manager.
For the last 10 years he has focused on executive coaching.
He works with leaders in South Africa in many large companies to increase their performance and efficiencies while becoming more well rounded and fulfilled.

His research into sport and how executive coaching methods and philosophies could be applied there,have made him very desirable as coach, speaker and facilitator for many business and sports teams. He has worked across diverse sports not only with most of South Africa's national teams but also with many international sports teams trying to achieve excellence.
He lives with his wife and two teenage daughters in Pretoria in South Africa.


Tim Goodenough

Tim Goodenough and Michael Cooper are the co-authors of the South African best-selling book "In the zone with South Africa's Sports Heroes" and "Raising Talent: How to fast-track potential into performance."

They work as Executive Coach's and consultants in both the business world and the world of High Performance. Their work is based on applying, adapting and developing models and techniques from and based upon NLP and Neuro-Semantics whilst using the Meta-Coaching methodology. Their passion is to reverse engineer peak performance and make powerful tools and models available to fast-track the development of mental toughness, work and sport performance. After 10 years of focused effort on the sharp end of elite sport they are excited to share some of their key stories, lessons and techniques.

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About the Book


In the Zone

In the Zone is a truly unique book. It goes into the minds of some of the top athletes in different sports to discover what it is that makes them unique. It tells their stories and shows the structure of their thinking, what was it that took them to the top of their games. The skills are not just unique to sport but are the skills that will make anyone truly successful at what they do.

IN THE ZONE presents groundbreaking strategies that all can apply to take their performance to the next level.






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