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Elsi Meyer

ELSI MEYER is a student of life. Her relentless curiosity about the unknown has taken her on challenging journeys, both in her profession as a teacher and psychotherapist, and on a personal level. The 'What?' in life is of limited interest to her; and she is always searching for the 'How?' through deeper reasoning.

From a very young age, the mundane life between rules and competitiveness stirred a yearning in her to find the deeper meaning of her own life; and encouraged her to track and explore various ideas that became of nagging interest to her. She had a strong suspicion that the connection to the mind she was looking for flows through the body.

Elsi's search has involved her in a thorough study of human movement science, psychology, kinesiology, hypnosis, meditation and other knowledge fields. She believes that beyond the scientific and analytical models found in modern psychology, there is a rich and alive inner-mind where we can find the true essence of our being. In this book, she reveals these discoveries to her readers, hoping to share with them the joy and fulfilment she has found on her journey.



Re-mind your body: Shift your thinking to liberate the body-mind

Elsi Meyer - Remind your body book

What happens when we wake up to the unique power and wisdom of our bodies? Learning to re-mind yourself by tuning into your body will help you realise the riches of your mind. Inside the body of each person lies the secret to discovering wisdom, wholeness and authenticity. This book will guide you through a journey to find the hidden secrets inside your body.

When you learn to nurture the observing mind and tame the persistent thinking mind, a new world will start to unfold within you. You will actualise much more of your mind’s potential, and this will in turn serve you in all aspects and on all levels of your life. Because our modern lifestyle has taught us to separate the mind and the body, we have lost connection to the most valuable parts of our magnificent minds. As a result, many people who are successful in life are greatly lacking in the realms of health, relationships and happiness. Very often, the only way to a solution is to reconnect with the mind within the body.

In encouraging you to set this reconnection in motion, the author takes you through the meridians and the chakras of your body. This voyage taps into a wealth of information that is not accessible to the well-developed logical and analytical mind. Through awareness, body work and journalling, you will find new and creative ways to enrich your health, career and relationships, and to increase your enjoyment of life itself.




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