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Mbali Bhengu

Mbali Bhengu is an esteemed South African serial entrepreneur, philanthropist and author who is passionate about coaching, empowering and assisting entrepreneurs become the best version of themselves.

She is the owner and founder of Mind Switch PTY LTD - A marketing boutique agency that offers 360 degree brand development, personal brand coaching and digital marketing services. In addition, she has interests in the healthcare sector - having opened a cleaning company [Called Zizwe Cleaning Solutions] specializing in the provision of hygiene services.

Mbali has coached more than 400 entrepreneurs in her entrepreneurial journey and has scooped an award for being the most successful business in her province, Kwa-Zulu Natal. A lover of coffee, books and people - she presents her 1st book structured towards helping SMEs to become masters of themselves before mastering their businesses.



Self-Ish : Mastering self in a selfish business world

Mbali Bhengu - Self ish eBook

SELF-ISH: Mastering self in a selfish business world is a humorous, honest, no frills business book that offers 28 business and life lessons to start up owners on managing their small businesses. The book offers a series of social commentary that ranges from the impact of black tax amongst black entrepreneurs, dealing with depression as an entrepreneur, personal branding for your brand as well as dealing with egotistical and greedy entrepreneurs in the business world.

The book offers a business canvas section that has easy-to-use business templates for day to day operational management, cash and income statement planning, human resources interview forms, marketing and digital branding plans and other relevant business templates for any start up professional that wants to manage their business effectively and efficiently.

SELF-ISH offers a real-life mosquito view of the business world by Mbali Bhengu, a businesswoman who has experienced business in a crude and honest manner, yet has easily juxtaposed her small business experience with insight, empowerment and hope for entrepreneurs.

The Lessons presented in SELF-ISH range from “Dealing with Ringleaders and Bullshitters”, “Build it, brand it & boast about it", “Know your numbers, period” and “How to secure the bag (a personal branding perspective)" amongst many other informative business and life lessons.




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