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Arjan Bogaers

Arjan Bogaers began his medical career as a hospital nurse in his late twenties, where he witnessed first-hand the profound relationship between physical recovery and the person’s awareness of his/her life purpose.

He has since worked for Weleda South Africa and went on to become the in-house therapist at a well-known retreat.

Partial physical impairment and chronic pain associated with a spinal injury as a result of an earlier motor vehicle accident forced Arjan to abandon all his practical therapy work. This was for him a turning point or, as he calls it, a defining moment in his life, brought on by a health condition.

In adjusting to his partial physical disability, he trained and qualified as a certified coach and counselor, and over the past nine years has been assisting people living with a chronic health condition recreate a life of quality and purpose through his online practice Heart and Soul.

“When trauma of any kind befalls us”, he says, “the hidden message that can guide us into renewal is: The ordinary is lost so that the extraordinary may emerge.” This message is so beautifully conveyed in his small book: ‘This Strange Land’.

Arjan lives with his wife in a village in the Western Cape of South Africa. The work of his practice can be accessed on:

The convenient format of Heart and Soul Coaching perfectly meets the special needs and abilities of those with a chronic health condition by facilitating in-depth and comprehensive email programs. These programs provide emotional support, renewal of life purpose, developing coping skills and insights into the intense challenge of living with a chronic condition.



This Strange Land: When Chronic Illness is your Fate

Arjan Bogaers eBook

  • Is it possible to enjoy a life of quality and meaning within the context of living with a chronic illness?
    How can you accept your permanent losses?
  • Is there any meaning to your suffering?
  • If your full participation in life is no longer possible, what is still possible?
  • What lies on the other side of a changed life?

A chronic health condition places you on the threshold of an unknown world. Similar to ancient seafarers who abandoned the land of their youth and family, you might feel too as though you have been taken from your world and put adrift on the dark waters. Unlike these mariners, however, your journey began without your consent – a biographical disagreement.

Here begins your Reluctant Pilgrimage.

“This then will be the essence of your journey through this Strange Land – the ordinary is lost so that the extraordinary may emerge.”

With these words, the reader is taken by the hand on a moving journey that leads from a place of grief, loss, and despair, to reappraisal, renewal, and, finally, to the encounter with their own Wounded Healer.

The ‘unwanting traveler’ is guided step by step through This Strange Land, encountering the deeply challenging aspects associated with living with a life-changing chronic health condition.

Drawing on more than 30 years’ work in health care in various capacities as well as from his personal struggles, Arjan Bogaers weaves a rich tapestry including unusual existential reflections, Jungian aspects and Greek mythology, showing with imaginative beauty that a life with a chronic health condition is not only about the end of what was, but mostly about the beginning of a hitherto-unknown inner reality.

This little book will be a guide of hope and inspiration for anyone whose life is themed by a chronic health condition. Get your copy today.




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