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Msimelelo Boltina

Msi is a speaker, an author and an advocate for the rights and needs of people living with disabilities. His book 'Baptised in Fire' was published in May 2020. Experiencing tragedy at a tender age of six when he was burnt in a fire that caused serious disfigurements.

Msi found himself back in hospital again twenty years later, and this time he had broken his spinal cord in a car accident and was paralyzed from the chest down. He has in his quest to find his place in this world developed practical approaches to life's perceived challenges. His journey and drive continue to inspire people from all walks of life wherever he goes.



Baptised in Fire

Baptised in Fire Msi Boltina 1

Baptised in Fire is an inspirational true story of sheer resilience and overcoming of two tragic accidents 20 years apart. The book begins with the author’s childhood, growing up in a big family with principled and strict parents shaping and contributing to his ability to take a punch with his eyes open. He was introduced to tragedy at the tender age of six years, when he was burnt in a fire, causing serious disfigurements to his face; head; hands and feet. Thus, introducing him to a world cruel and unforgiving to anyone different.

The authors life, through to manhood was not easy. Life dealt him no favours either. With many years spent forming an identity and navigating life, he was finally finding his place in this world. Then tragedy struck again. He found himself back in hospital. This time, with a broken spinal cord, a cause of a car accident. He was left paralyzed from the chest down. His world was once again shattered.

Amidst the pain, the rejections and hardships associated with disability, the writer has achieved many accolades considered beyond his reach, securing a career; getting married and starting a family.

Baptised in Fire speaks to anyone who has ever had to deal with any life altering experience and anyone who is going through something difficult and seeing no way through it. The author strongly believes and illustrates that overcoming any stumbling block or mountain begins with a conscious decision to want to overcome. This book will challenge you to find comfort in your discomfort and play the hand you’ve been dealt.


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