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Evelyn Monteiro

Evelyn Monteiro is Apostolic and a traveling minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, with her husband Rhyan, who are both from South Africa. She's been in full time ministry for the past 20 years. God has used her extensively in establishing a variety of ministries. She is very sensitive to the flow of the Holy Spirit Who uses her to bring inner healing and deliverance to the Body of Christ. She is a teacher of the Gospel, a worship leader and a servant of the Most High.

Her gifting in dreams and interpreting of dreams has opened doors for her to travel to various countries and teach children of God the importance of recognizing His voice.

Her heart is that through her ministry, people will experience the love of God and have an intimate relationship with Him.


About the book

Do you dream?: God is speaking to YOU!

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Everybody dreams! The problem we face though is "what do they mean!?" Dreams continue to be a source of mystery to scientists and psychologists. Dreams are a gift from God to bring understanding and clarity! God is a personal God and He cares about every area of your life! Dreams have brought warning of events to come. Dreams have shown people what to do in complicated situations. The possibilities of how dreams can influence your life is never ending!

  • Did you know that perverse dreams can influence your relationships?
  • Did you know there is a difference between a dream of warning and nightmares?
  • Did you that you can have dreams about your future?
  • Did you know that evil spirits can torment you when you sleep and that evil attacks in your dreams can influence your career, finances, marriage, health and your family?

But it's clear that dreams cause many confusion and are more of a burden than a blessing. Your time of rest, when you sleep, is supposed to be a peaceful experience and not filled with terror. So many today are suffering from nightmares, perhaps due to trauma or even medication. Many are having terrors at night due to mental conditions such as depression.

  • You don’t have to live with night terrors!
  • You don’t have to be tormented by evil spirits!
  • There is a superior way to peaceful sleep and wonderful dreams!

So many people are burdened by the confusion of their dreams and struggling with what they could mean. Concerns about why loved ones were in the dream and if something bad is going to happen to them? There are many books about dreams that will give a list of symbols with their meanings, but how can that be? If God knows the amount of hairs on your head, how can a tree have one single meaning? God is a relevant God and He speaks to us in a way that we will understand. God uses dreams to warn you, direct you, guide you, teach you about spiritual matters and promise you of things to come! God speaks to all of us! Regardless of your background, status or culture, your dreams are there to draw you closer to God. Your correct response to your dreams will help you understand what they mean and the outcome of it will change your life!

In this book you will find tools and examples you need to understand and interpret your dreams. You will find yourself walking with God in a new, exciting way! Your relationship with Jesus Christ will become real and practical as you discover the joy of this gift of Dreams!


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