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Author Roger Major


About the author

Roger Major

Roger Major was born in Manchester, England in 1957, where he grew up and was educated. His parents separated permanently in 1965, and his father emigrated to Australia.

Roger enlisted in the British Merchant Navy in 1973, which took him around the world many times. Discharged from the Navy in 1986, he first went into the family’s retail business. From 1992 found work in the hotel industry. He bought his first guest house in 1996. He emigrated to Cape Town in 2002 and opened a guesthouse. In 2006 he studied South African history and became a tourist guide.

Roger is married and lives in Cape Town, South Africa.


About the book

The Ransom Exchange

Roger Major The Ransom Exhange 1

Unlikely English duo Andrew Moffet, an insecure private investigator and sixty-seven year old Aunty Molly take to the streets of Los Angeles. Mischievously disposing of a gang of criminals one by one in their unorthodox fashion, creating mayhem and insecurity amongst the villains with hilarious results, leaving them wondering who will be next.

A fascinating read full of twists and turns with a highly unusual plot and bursting with humor. Grab your copy today!


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