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Author Dleane Richter


About the author: D'Leane Richter

D’Leane was born in Pretoria South Africa and she married in the late sixties, and it was during this time that her little family moved around the country, living in Port Elizabeth, Cape Town and Kimberly. She enrolled at UNISA to do her Fine Arts and because of this the family took many holidays to the coast and into the game reserves because of her art. Painting bird life and animals and her husband took her photographs. She and her husband also travelled throughout Europe, Canada and the UK exploring her three great loves art, music and history.

When her husband passed away tragically, she returned to Cape Town and went back to work as a travel consultant, but just before she did she and a lifelong friend went to Japan and they stayed with a Buddhist couple. A dream made possible because her friend had to visit the Head Office of the firm that she worked for.

D’Leane took a decision in 2012 to retire and to sell her home in Cape Town and to move to Johannesburg to be near her children. She holds a Paul Harris Fellow award present to her by Rotary and while serving on the Federation board of the SPCA she presented a white paper to parliament in the 1980’s on why Greyhound racing should be banned and was successful in achieving this.

Her latest venture into writing began in the 1970 but because of life it was put on hold and in 2013 she started working with Alex Smith of SA Writers on a series of historical novels yet to be edited. Of her “lighter” books she claims they keep her occupied because she says, ‘life around me if full of wonderful characters.’


About the books


When a Neighbour Knocks

When a Neighbour Knocks eBook - Dleane Richter

Beautiful, in an unaffected way Anastasia Nickleby, known to her friends as CJ, lives in the world of art and factious characters, her friends think she is as mad as a box of frogs. Romance has avoided her until she takes her neighbour to Pick n Pay in Randpark Johannesburg. CJ hop scotches into a bottle store, in search of wine, for inspiration.

She encounters a 6ft 4inch, hunk of bulging muscle and manly flesh, something that no Chardonnay would ever emulate. Rhett Campbell is no ordinary man and is employed by The Firm, as a special agent who investigates espionage, and syndicate crime. They coincidentally encounter each other through the course of the day, and end up at her favourite pub. Rhett Campbell finds himself drawn to the ditsy artist, writer, even though he knows that a relationship outside his work is frowned on.

Ex-boyfriend Paul materializes and an angry encounter transpires ending with CJ throwing wine over him. She flees to her home. A series of events link the three and a deadly plot unravels.

CJ’s friends’ Cynthia and Debbie are delighted when Rhett takes her to his fortress to protect her from Paul who had become aggressive and he had intensified his stalking. “I cannot take you to your house CJ. I am in the business I know what people can do.”

Ping, Rhett’s man servant is ecstatic about the new addition to the household, but CJ’s personality finds the restrictions that are placed on her confinement difficult. She becomes the defiant escapee, and the night mare of The Firm. She leads the bodyguards on a merry dance and puts herself in danger, forcing Ping to wag his finger at her and say, “You a welly naughty lady.”


A Wild Retirement

A Wild Retirement eBook - Dleane Richter

Katherine had become a travel agent because the world excited her with its vastness and diversity. She had befriended a mad-hatter ginger head, named Lenox Burger who was gay. "Call me Lenny darl" he had told her and together they had formed a strong friendship and went on the educational tours. They became the variety act at the trade functions, and it was on a tour to the UK where she met her husband Peter Partridge.

They married in 1970 and settled down to a normal married life and raised two daughters. Kitty was 42 when Felicity went to Stellenbosch University and Cindy was in standard ten. Then tragedy struck. Peter and a colleague were killed on their way to Paarl. Shattering her life and changed it for ever.

Lenny was instrumental in getting Kitty back into the travel world and her two daughters left to settle in Johannesburg and married, leaving their mother to return to find a new lease on life and she took group trips away, and she even went back to being a party freak which took the edge off being a widow, besides the girls were not around to see what their mother got up to.

Eleven years had passed. She was a grandmother of two and had been offered a trip to Kenya at one of the big game reserves, but it did not happen. She was held up at gun point at her home in Rondebosch and her children and her son-in-law Paul came down from Johannesburg and took her home with them for a fortnight with the intention of persuading her to retire near to them.

On a trip to a shopping mall in northern Johannesburg to by art equipment Kitty got caught in the middle of a violent thunderstorm which terrified her and she had cowered against a pillar, and someone came to her rescue. A man with an Australian type of accent took her elbow and his face was vaguely familiar and he steered her through a door, and little did she know that this meeting would take her off into the savannas of Africa, where she would walk in the footsteps of Joy Adams.


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