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Author Nyakallo Matsoso


About the author: Nyakallo Matsoso

Nurse practitioner in private practice with 22 years' experience in Mental Health. Director of Ours ya Rona a company offering mental health care services. Founder of Home of Sanity an NPO advocating for Mental Health. Speaker on mindset and mental health issues. Motivational speaker, life coach and mentor Preacher with the message of exhortation and healing Member of Free State & Motheo District Mental Health Forums. Mental Healthcare Specialist for the Free State Mental Health Review Board. She holds a Diploma in Nursing, B.Tech: Project Management and MBA qualifications.


About the book: Someone in my head: Raising Mental Health Awareness

Someone in my head eBook - Nyakallo M

This book is all about creating mental health awareness, advocating for mental health and breaking the stigma attached to mental illness. It will enhance the reader with the understanding of self and those around you, and empower you to spot the early signs and symptoms of mental illness and seek early intervention.

This book covers the following topics; importance of self-awareness in maintaining our mental well-being, stress and burnout (here the author covers interesting interviews with teens, youth and adults about their stress factors), mood disorders (major depressive disorders, dysthymia, bipolar disorder, mood disorder secondary to another medical condition), anxiety disorders (generalized anxiety disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder and social anxiety disorder), psychotic disorders (schizophrenia, psychosis secondary to another medical condition), substance induced mental health disorders ( substance induced mood disorder and substance induced psychosis), and personality disorders (borderline, Narcissistic, histrionic, antisocial, avoidant, dependent and obsessive compulsive personality disorders), as well as the importance of holistic approach in the treatment of mental health disorders.

In the last chapter the readers will meet different mental health professionals (Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Psychiatric Nurse, Social Worker and Pastor) who share their experiences (both victories and challenges) in their lines of duty.

The true life stories of people living with mental illness and the author’s personal experiences with mental illness shared in this book is the author’s way of saying you’re not alone, there’s no need to be ashamed and fight your battle with mental illness alone in secret. Together we can make the noise, advocate for mental health and break the stigma attached to mental illness.


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