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About the author: Adeline Twigge

Adeline Twigge is an educational psychologist who obtained her BSc (Ed) degree at the University of Pretoria in 1981, after which she became a biology teacher at the Afrikaans high school Dr EG Jansen in Boksburg. She completed her BEd (Orthodidactics) degree in 1995 (also at the University of Pretoria) and continued her teaching career at the Afrikaans primary school Concordia. In 1999, she completed her MEd(Educational Psychology) degree at the University of Pretoria and started her career as educational psychologist, first at the Dr WK du Plessis School (Springs) for learners with epilepsy and learning disabilities, and in 2002 at the School of Achievement (Germiston) for children with learning disabilities. She eventually started a private educational psychology practice in Boksburg in 2005.

Adeline has served on the Gauteng Welfare Services Advisory Committee (a non-profit organization that caters for individuals in urgent need of welfare and psychological services) since 2008. She completed her PhD (Educational Psychology) in 2015. Her research has been published (together with her promotor and co-author Professor Kobus Maree) in the distinguished Frontiers in Psychology, which is ranked as the 5th most-cited publisher among the twenty largest publishers in its field. Their article was also published in a Frontiers eBook as part of the Research Topic titled From Meaning of Working to Meaningful Lives: The Challenges of Expanding Decent Work.


About the book: Goodness and Kindness - A Currency for Success: Career-life-design for young people 

Goodness and Kindness - A Currency for Success: Career-life-design for young people

“Magic in one’s career-life happens where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.”

Imagine an innovative engine – young people all over the world − that rapidly generates lots and lots of goodwill and creative solutions for local and global challenges that penetrates the human landscape and changes it for the better.

In Goodness and Kindness: A currency for success (Career-Life-Design for Young People), young people are invited, by means of a career-life-design narrative, to become the authors of their own new stories, including a new identity and a new ‘self’, wherein a sense of the good can be woven. Young people are encouraged to realize they all have unique character strengths, interests, talents, capacities, and skills, which are called sparks. A spark (a young person’s deep gladness) and an opportunity (the world’s deep hunger) become potent together. A logical conclusion is that young people, who all have an awareness of their own sparks, will need to choose opportunities (including the pivotal actions of choosing and executing a career) where they feel they can make a positive difference in their more immediate environment. This can be done locally as a “civilian self/individual” and globally as a “cosmopolitan self/individual”. Imagine the fireworks!

To be able to design a sparkly life (which includes finding a decent job) to benefit themselves and others, they will need to understand the bigger picture − that all of us on planet Earth are connected and the actions of one has an influence on the other. Thus, they should ask themselves what is important, ethical, and meaningful for them personally, but also for their communities and on a global scale.

And in return, together with having personal purpose and meaning added to their own lives, the youth would create a peaceful and affluent environment that exudes well-being on every level. In this way, the common good can and will be sustained and continuously expanded in service of fair and sustainable human development globally.


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