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Author Bene Lu


About the author: Bene Lu

I am a woman first, a mother and an African who has an innate interest in art, written words and philosophy.

I live in Pretoria with my two children and I am in the healthcare environment.

In my field of work one starts to appreciate how fragile life is. This lead me to probe further on what our roles are, as human beings walking this Earth. Our purpose, our inane strength, our ability to rise above the challenges we encounter and our drive to live and to just be!


About the book: It is what it is: Thoughts in prose and poetry 

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This book is a collection of musings by a wandering soul. It delves into uncomfortable spaces and subjects that are easier left untackled. There is a delicate golden thread that connects these spaces. Some of the musings are on:

- Life and Enlightenment
- Grief, Loss, Sorrow and Sadness
- Love and Cohesion

Ultimately, every experience we encounter is there to teach us something about ourselves and our surroundings. Every experience is there to grow us and push us out of our comfort zone, like a butterfly breaking out of its cocoon.


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