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About the author: Rayven

Shark diving in Madagascar, swimming with dolphins in Zanzibar, working in crime prevention and skydiving in South Africa, interactions with Orangutans' in Borneo, climbing ruins in Cambodia, adventuring Thailand on a scooter, doing Cosplay in China and exploring the vineyards of South Australia! These are just a few of the exciting activities that Rayven has done in recent times. Having lived in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, she has used her international experience and adventures to produce an interactive and very different book containing sex, violence and more than a little humor which she titled; Dark Angel, MY shade of PINK; as a result of being no stranger herself to betrayal and failed personal and romantic relationships. As well as writing and travelling extensively, she has also successfully obtained a Diploma in Forensic and Criminal Psychology, whilst preparing for more adventures around the world, as she begins work on the next book, Black Wings & Blood Fire, in the MY shade of PINK series.

Because RED is only a deeper shade of PINK!

About the book: Dark Angel: My Shade of Pink


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Before you begin you must be warned!

Opening the pages of this book will expose you to stories and images that may disturb or excite in equal measure. They are the ideas of the dark and disturbed psyche that is my alter ego. It is a dark and twisting road beneath a midnight sky that promises sex and violence, hope and divine retribution, fantasy and imagination. You will find winged angels, demons, and beasts, vampires, perhaps even a sexual succubus or two, all wrapped up in a bright pink bow, smeared in pink lipstick and laced with the lingering scent of your favorite perfume. In some instances names have been changed to protect the not so innocent. I take absolutely no responsibility for any dark desires these stories may inspire in you. Now you have been warned and without further ado, please read on and enter the world of The Dark Angel!

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