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Author Judice Newton


About the author: Judice Newton

Judice Isaura Malaia Newton is a newly self-published South African author of the debut romance novel Purple Rose coming soon to Amazon ebooks. She is a wife and, above all, a working mother, gifted with two wonderful daughters.

She is currently working in the administration department and has been working on her trilogy romance novels since 2014. Growing up, she always enjoyed creative writing at school and reading romantic books, mostly during her teenage years in high school. When she wasn't reading a book, she'd read her collection of Archie comic books, which she still keeps safely guarded at home.

The idea of writing a romance novel never ran through my mind until mid-2014, when she was working as an accounts payable clerk at a freight logistics company and decided to write as a form of stress relief during her spare time on weekends at home. She has written over 700 pages and three books in total, which she hopes readers will revel in just as much as she has enjoyed writing and telling the story.

Her style of writing, she believes, is straightforward to read and flows through well.

Her motto, since she started writing, has been, "If you have a story stuck in your head, you might as well write it down somewhere."

What she hopes to achieve in this newfound journey as a Western-influenced author, is to see her work reach a fair amount of hopeless romantics at heart and perhaps convert some to become one.


About the book: Purple Rose


Judice Newton Purple Rose Kindle

Brianna was born and raised in West Garfield, a rough part of Chicago. As she grew up, Brianna conscientiously focused on her school work and her best friend, Chloe. Fiercely protected by her older brother, Ty, until the summer of the purple rose…

A purple rose represents love at first sight in this story of young adult romance, family bonds, friendship and loss.

During a chance encounter, Chloe’s brother (and Ty’s best friend), Jason, and Brianna shared a moment that would later blossom into an undying bond of deep love. Fragile as the blossom of a purple rose, their love grew from strength to strength; like a tied knot of infinity, constantly being twisted in the middle to close the gap between the two ends, until it is pulled too tight, and snaps.

When tragedy strikes without warning, will Brianna endure the unthinkable loss? How will she ever rebuild her life?

Follow Brianna, Ty, Jason and Chloe through their many trials and tribulations in this modern romance. 

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