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About the author: Shaykh Faheem

Hailing from sunny shores of Durban, South Africa, Shaykh Faheem is an internationally renowned speaker, author, orator, Islāmic theologian, educator, radio and television presenter.

Having memorized the Qur’ān at the tender age of 11 years, his quest for knowledge saw its second spell between the age of 16 years – 21 years where he studied Islāmic theology in the town of Ladysmith. In those 6 years, Shaykh Faheem graduated as Islāmic scholar with an additional certificate in the field of Qur’ānic recitation in 2004 and spent the next few years in the UK as the head of the Ummah TV channel before returning to his homeland to co-found the Islamic Lifestyle Solutions with two other scholars who he regards to be his closest friends viz. Muftī Omar Dawood and Moulana Saleh Joosab.

It was only in 2010 that his keen interest for writing arose, and after composing a few noteworthy essays for the benefit of the general Muslim community, the Shaykh wrote his first book in 2014 titled, “The History and Compilation of the Qur’ān – An Exposition of the Authenticity and Inimitability of the Qur’ān” consisting of 111 pages. After a memorable trip to Jerusalem, in 2015 Shaykh Faheem wrote his second book, “The Forgotten Haram – 40 Narrations Concerning Jerusalem” consisting of 217 pages. In 2016 he wrote a 484 page book on the subject of Islāmic eschatology and the signs of the end-times titled, “The Beginning of the End – An Eschatological Endeavour to Unravel the Mysteries of the Modern Age”.

In 2017 he wrote a 464 page book titled, “Stories of the Prophets for the Modern Age” Volume One – The Resolute Messengers” in which he focused on some of the more famous Prophets mentioned in the Qur’ān, with view to extrapolating modern-day lessons from these age-old narratives to prove the timelessness of the Qur’ānic message.

In 2019, after the New Zealand terror attacks in a mosque at Christchurch, Shaykh Faheem wrote a 500 page book titled “Defense Against Disaster – A Response to the Systematic Vilification of Islām and its Prophet in the Modern Age”, dealing with rebuttals against those who harbour Islāmophobic ideals by presenting evidence against their arguments and proving the agenda to demonize Islām and Muslims.

The Shaykh has promised to launch another book in the new year dealing with the strategic significance of placing ultimate reliance upon God Almighty in these testing times...



About the book: Defense Against Disaster: A Response to the Systematic Vilification of Islam and its Prophet in the Modern Age


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Defense Against Disaster is an intellectual defense which stands to exhibit the systematic vilification of Islam and its Prophet (peace be upon him) by refuting the many false allegations propagated against its tenets and values by a thorough analysis of the Quranic corpus, the Hadith literature as well as the rational faculty!

Whether it is cartoons, newspapers, magazines, books, movies, television series, social media, talk-shows, or even YouTube videos, there is no uncharted territory free from hate-speech or derogatory remarks against Islam and Muslims. Where then, is the call for justice and protection of religious rights from the secular world when Muslims are targeted on every level? The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) has been labelled as a ‘pedophile’. The Quran has been accused of promoting its adherents to ‘kill all infidels’. Muslims have been viewed as mindless sheep unable to ponder scientific notions. This work stands to refute those bizarre allegations with proof from the Qur'an, the Prophetic way as well as intellectual probing.


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